20 Families Had Previously Rejected An “Unusual” Girl Before A Single Man Adopted Her

A young girl’s luck has changed after being turned down by her mother and twenty extra families that wanted to adopt her.

Luca Trapanese and his daughter Alba’s adoption story has gained widespread attention for a variety of reasons, but maybe none more so than the rarity with which social services will grant custody to a single, homosexual male.

For Luca, though, they did make an exception. and we are overjoyed that they did.

According to the BBC, Italian Luca, 41, authored a book on raising Alba, a child with Down syndrome, and the difficulties he encountered.

In a radio interview, Trapanese asserted that his circumstance “destroys stereotypes about fatherhood, religion, and family.”

It has long been challenging for gay or single parents to adopt children in Italy.

Alba was just 13 days old when Luca adopted her in 2017, after 20 families had turned her down due to her health issues.

Luca has spent his entire life wanting to have children and has worked in a number of special needs facilities. He developed a strong passion for helping people after losing his best buddy to cancer when he was just 14 years old.

He spent his spare time helping the crippled and the terminally ill through Catholic-affiliated charities.

Despite the fact that he is single, Alba now lives with him in a loving family as a result of his decision to proceed with the adoption.

According to the BBC, Alba is a determined and slightly rebellious little child. She is outgoing and likes to play and dance with people.

A while has passed since Luca and Alba’s stunning romance first became viral online.

The family’s trips and daily hijinks are still visible to Luca’s more than 320k Instagram followers.

They spend a lot of time simply hanging around and have a great time together.

Although the pandemic has altered their life, it is heartening to observe how they are cooperating with one another.

Together, they like travelling around Italy, being outside, painting, mingling, and enjoying delectable cuisine.

We convey our heartfelt congratulations to Luca and Alba! Luca is undoubtedly a kind and giving man, and because to him, this young girl has a bright future.

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