Chimpanzee hugs puppy saved by owner to keep warm

He gave her a big and loving hug

Despite what many say, monkeys are undoubtedly one of the species that most resembles the feelings that humans have. They, like us, live in a family, have a maternal instinct and behave up to the task in risky situations. For this reason, when they see someone who is defenseless, they do not hesitate to give them a hand. This has been the experience that she has been able to see with her own eyes, the rescuer of a litter of puppies. Who introduced the puppies to their monkeys and they had an excellent attitude towards the puppies.

So much so, that one of the monkeys hugged the recently collected puppies. Through a video that was shared on the YouTube platform, you can see the sensitive moment where the woman presents the monkeys with the puppies. Those who had just been rescued from being abandoned, and they were moved by this situation. However, the meeting was not mere improvisation. Since the woman did not know how her monkeys would react with the arrival of these puppies. So she was encouraged to put together a meeting plan between them.

First, she set up a room and brought the primates to sit on a blanket. At that moment, she released the puppies to make sure that everyone was comfortable in that first meeting. Although she knew that nothing bad would happen, she was surprised when one of the monkeys picked up one of the puppies and placed it in her arms. After her, like a protective mother, she brought him close to her chest in a very subtle way to give him an affectionate hug to show him that she was already safe.

The woman, who is an animal rescuer of all kinds, was totally captivated by the behavior of her hand, although she remained to monitor the meeting in case of any emergency. A moment that social networks enjoy, as they demonstrate the innate sensitivity of animals.

Below you can see the video where this adorable chimpanzee is seen hugging the puppy, transmitting love and warmth: Share this video with your friends and family.

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