«Completely different person with hair!» Here is what Jason Statham looked like before he became bald

«Oh no, he looks better with bald head!» A video appeared on the Internet where Jason was with hair, and surprised all his fans. You’ve an opportunity to see him here.

Jason Statham is known for his excellent roles in Hollywood action films. For every woman, a man should be handsome, strong, disciplined and hardworking, like our favorite actor. In addition, he is unique because of his bald head.

Jason is one of those actors whose baldness is his calling card. But few people know what he was like before when his head was covered with hair.

It’s no secret that the actor’s hairstyle has changed over time and at one time he had hair like everyone else. In the 1990s, the actor was actively involved in diving. This sport helped him acquire such a handsome appearance.

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