“Daddy, daddy!” shouted an unfamiliar girl and ran towards my husband, and she definitely didn’t mistake him. What happened next cannot be described in words.

He was an intern. He did his internship at the city hospital in the pediatric department. He excelled in his studies and thought he was ready to work as a pediatrician. But sometimes reality doesn’t align with our expectations.

The head doctor showed him the office, introduced him to the patients, and emphasized the need for a special approach to the children from the orphanage. The workload was heavy, and it wasn’t easy for him. The sight of sick children touched his heart deeply. One day, he entered a room where a blue-eyed girl with light hair was lying. She smiled at him. The girl didn’t cry but looked at him with her big blue eyes.

She was around three or four years old. He greeted her, and she offered her hand and smiled widely. She was like a little angel. The nurse told him that they found her on the street, severely cold, and no one came for her. She used to live with her aunt, but the aunt didn’t love her, so she ran away. Fortunately, she recovered, and after discharge, she would be moved to an orphanage. She just didn’t know it yet. He became very fond of the little girl, and they became friends.

She, in turn, grew attached to him and waited for him every day, standing by the door of her room and trying to be with him as much as possible. She accompanied him around the department, seeking his attention in any way she could. Everyone loved her and called her “little angel.” One day, the girl showed the doctor a photo of her mom. She held the photo tightly in her hands and kissed it. Sadly, she said her mom was in heaven.

“My mom was kind, not like my aunt, she’s mean, like a witch from a fairy tale.” The internship came to an end. The little angel didn’t want to let him go: “Don’t go, don’t go, you’re my daddy.” The farewell was difficult for both of them. She cried. Then they took the girl to the orphanage. A year passed. He married a good, kind girl.

One day, they were strolling in the park, and suddenly they heard a child’s voice: “Daddy, daddy!” The girl ran towards them. He recognized her. His wife looked at him with surprise. It turned out that the little girl was adopted by a loving family, and she was growing up in a caring home.

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