Dog Trapped In A Canal Gives The Sweetest ‘Thanks’ To The Man Who Saved Him

Said Zárate is a garbage collector in Mexico, a demanding profession with little notice until lately. Said’s bravery earned him praise and the greatest gratitude from a puppy caught in a canal, which he rescued without hesitation.

A short time ago, while driving through an agricultural region in his vehicle, he came across a scene that immediately grabbed the attention: a dog desperately struggling to escape out of a concrete channel.

Said said to The Dodo:

“I noticed something moving in the water and kept searching until I realized it was a dog. I instructed my colleague to come to a stop.”


The guy moved immediately, taking an empty bag from which the dog could help hold in order to climb out of the canal. The dog was quite weak since it had been battling to remain afloat for a long time, but Said was not discouraged and continued until he was able to pull the dog out of the water.

The man was able to pull the dog out of the water and save his life, and the animal expressed his appreciation in the most wonderful way.

Said declares:

“He threw himself into my arms.”


Said shared the video on Facebook, and the comments were immediate. In the video description, he stated:

“I’m in this world for a reason. Thank God I was able to save him. I know he thanked me.”

Apparently, the dog belonged to a neighboring ranch, and he was healthy and happy. Said considered that it may have been an accident, but the dog appeared to have a wonderful family.

Furthermore, he stated:

“After a brief stay with us, he cheerfully returned home.”


Said received an unexpected thank you when the footage of the trapped dog’s rescue went viral; the dog’s father was among many who viewed the video and did not hesitate to send him a note for the heroic guy who freed his pet.

As he stated:

“He sent me a message thanking me for helping his dog.”

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