Dying Puma Escaped his Zoo [Hell] and is Now a Spoiled House Cat!

This is absolutely the best news…!

He is a beautiful kitty.Glad he has a home now.

So Happy He Is Living A Better Life!!!

Animal activist are upset these two took on the care and responsibility of this puma, but if they hadn’t, he’d probably be [de.ad].

The so called zoo sure didn’t take care of him, but these two have been dedicated to getting him healthy and showing him lots of love.
He definitely looks so much healthier than when they first got him.

Thank you for looking after this beautiful puma and taking it into your loving home


Watch the video bellow:

I’d LOVE to be Able to have offered you a Safe & Loving Home.

Good luck and continue to show this magnificent creature all the love and support he deserves.

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