even with 4 paralyzed legs, an unwanted pit bull kept his fighting spirit

 According to ilovemydogsomuch, Roméo was completely paralyzed in all four legs when he was taken up by AMA Animal Rescue.

Although it is unknown what happened to him while he was unconscious to have caused this, the rescuers and medical staff knew they would do all in their power to help him.

Roméo demonstrated right away that his injuries had not broken his spirit. Roméo miraculously began walking again after weeks and weeks of physical therapy, and a month later he was already running!

Roméo wasn’t yet out of the woods, though. His eyes were still wet when the staff saw them, and the doctors diagnosed him with entropion, a disease in which the eyelids are turned inward. He fortunately underwent a successful surgery, and his eyes returned to normal.

Roméo is a very affectionate and energetic dog, but the shelter had a difficult time locating the ideal home for him. They received a small number of adoption applications, but many families thought about adopting Roméo after learning about the uncertainties related to his prior injuries.

After four months of waiting, Roméo’s creditors finally received a response. He has discovered a devoted forever home! Watch his tale in the following video.

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