‘Fans Are Worried That My Already Enormous Lips May ‘Burst’ If I Have Any More Filler, But I Want To Keep Them That Way.’ – Instagram Model

Despite admirers’ worries that the woman’s already large lips may “burst,” she has vowed to get even more filler injected. In 2018, Andrea Ivanova of Sofia, Bulgaria, set out to appear like a Bratz doll by injecting filler into her lips, jaw, and chin. She made waves when she admitted to spending over $2,000 on cheekbone filler to enhance her appearance.


The social media influencer aspires to set a new record with her defined facial features and the self-proclaimed title of the World’s Largest Lips. She hasn’t stopped there; she’s added lip filler, which has some followers scared that her lips could soon “burst.” “I still want larger lips, and I will continue with further injections to make them even larger,” said Andrea, who has 26,000 followers on Instagram (@andrea88476).


Despite my best efforts, I have not gotten the massive lips I want. I buy additional filler every month, but I’ve lost track of how much I’ve spent. The photo of her enormous lips with the comment “Fresh lips and cheeks!!!” has been liked hundreds of times. Fans had varying reactions, which users shared in the comments.


“Are you not frightened they will simply explode one day,” Claire Louise Nugent said. Someone responded, “I feel so horrible for you,” beside a sobbing emoji. These medical professionals ought to be put behind bars! Dawna Maria Ohrwall advised that you get professional mental health care.

One commenter said, “Very sad!” Be more than simply a mouth, I beg you. Although some people hated her new style, others praised it. Someone wrote, “These look fantastic,” followed by three hearts. ‘Andrea, I dream of what your lips can accomplish,’ user @arubin1958 said.


“Absolute beauty and perfection,” another individual said. The ex-philosophy major had previously claimed that many clinics had “refused” to give her additional lip filler out of fear that more surgeries may be “fatal” for her. Despite the many internet trolls, the 25-year-old is entirely in love with her appearance.

She said: ‘I don’t bother about people’s criticisms since I have my taste and beliefs on beauty – I follow them rigorously. “The purpose of life is happiness,” thus “everyone should do what makes them happy without worrying about what other people may think.”

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