Girl Takes Her Dying Dog On One Last Car Ride, Dog’s Face Makes Family Tear Up

 Libra was first acquired by the Kramer family when she was a young Pit Bull puppy. April, the family’s single child at the time and only eight years old, fell in love at first sight. She subsequently became close with Maxwell, Libra’s adorable kitty sibling.

After a long battle, April emerged, and Libra turned into a reliable ally. The senior Libra’s health began to deteriorate after fifteen years of joyful companionship with her younger sister. Her problems began with severe convulsions, and it was later discovered that she had malignant lung tumors. Numerous vet checks confirmed that Libra was in tremendous pain and wasn’t going to live.

April wished to present a gift to the ailing family dog, Libra. The Krampuses wanted her life to end as quickly as possible; they didn’t want her to endure too much pain. April’s ailing dog’s bladder rapidly worsened, causing her excruciating pain, and the family decided it was time to face reality. Even still, April wished to show Libra her appreciation for her unwavering dedication by doing something nice for her.

A Libra has always had an affinity for driving. Therefore, on her most recent car trip to the vet, April made the decision to open the window and let Libra indulge in her favorite activity. For the following thirty minutes the sick dog seemed at ease, closing her eyes once more to enjoy the breeze and the passing scenery.

Libra has crossed the rainbow bridge, and her spirit is no longer in pain. April chose to depict Libra’s final car ride and journey because she wanted to remember her as her childhood closest friend. Sweet Libra, rest in peace.

Please watch the touching video in its entirety down below. Even though losing a pet is upsetting, we will always be grateful for the time we got to spend with their sweet souls and witness their undying dedication.

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