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New alarming verdict on Prince George, Princess Charlotte, & Prince Louis amid Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis

Alarming Prince George update amid Kate’s cancer fight gives us the shivers. Check Comments.

Catherine, Princess of Wales, shared her cancer diagnosis with the world, putting a stop to the numerous rumors and speculations that had been circulating in the media ever since her planned abdominal surgery.

In the video she released, she explained that the cancer was detected following her surgery, when doctors ran tests. She further detailed that she and William needed time to share the news with their children before going public with the news.

Royal experts believe Kate released the video on Friday at 6 pm with a reason, and it’s because their children’s school had closed by that time and they wouldn’t immediately face questions about it from their friends.

“George is ten now and can’t be shielded from any of this now,” a palace source told the Times. “Once it’s at the school gate and in the school playground, he won’t be able to avoid it.”

According to King Charles’ former butler Grant Harrold, Kate and William chose a different approach for each of the children when they shared the news of her cancer with them. He believes that the couple most likely “sugarcoated” her health issues when they broke the news to Prince Louis.

“I’m sure it was a very difficult and very different conversation between children,” Grant Harrold told the NY Post. “For instance, for Louis, I’m sure the conversation was more sugarcoated than it was with George and Charlotte.”

The former butler continued, “The older children can understand more, so I’d imagine it was a little more frank but undoubtedly staying positive, which is so important.

“That’s why when you now look at the picture of Kate with her three children, it brings a tear to your eye. For any mother to have that conversation is huge and you can imagine Charlotte and George are going to be good supports for her.”

He added that Louis is too young to understand her mom’s condition.

“It’s a tricky one. I’m sure the children will be handling it as any kids would be expected to handle it, but I think their parents are very good at being calm and collected, and I think that will rub off on the children,” he told the NY Post.

During Easter break, the children will spend their time at Anmer Hall at the Sandringham Estate with their parents where they would have fun and go egg hunting.

The family won’t attend church on Easter Sunday, but King Charles and Queen Camilla likely will.
“It’s understood that King Charles may attend a church service on Easter Sunday with a smaller royal turnout if his health allows it,” Hello! Magazine’s royal expert, Danielle Stacey, said.

“Charles has minimized his contact with larger crowds to reduce risks as he continues his cancer treatment,” she continued. “While we’ve seen the King conduct small audiences at Buckingham Palace, he’s not attended any large-scale gatherings since his diagnosis, such as the reception for Korean War Veterans last week, the Commonwealth Day service and the memorial for the late King Constantine in Windsor last month.”

Anmer Hall, the country home in Norfolk, located around 110 miles outside of London, is said to be where the Princess of Wales feels “most at home.”

In the past, she said she is happiest “with my family outside in the countryside.”

She and the kids would be baking Easter cakes that they decorate themselves using Cadbury eggs.

When Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were still alive three years ago, it was reported that the children surprised them with “personalized Easter eggs, which they made and decorated themselves.” This year, grandpa Charles and step-grandma Camilla will likely receive such a cake.

As mentioned, George, Charlotte, and Louis will be involved in the yearly Easter egg hunt, which their parents organize.

“They don’t allow George, Charlotte, and Louis to have chocolate and sweets every day, so it was a real treat,” the insider told Us Weekly.

“They enjoy family bike rides, playing tennis and George and Charlotte are taking horse riding lessons. Charlotte is obsessed with horses, just like her great-grandmother. It’s her favorite activity.”

Spending time with her children has always been a blessing for Kate.
“The children always brighten up her day, and she always says that when she goes through a difficult time, having her family there always helps. She feels so blessed to have her kids and a loving family,” the Us Weekly source added.

Prince George has been spared any impact royal news has had on his life so far. The truth is, however, that his mother’s illness could sadly be his first taste of what being a royal family member can mean.

Royal commentator Sarah Vine added that Kate Middleton and William are “lucky” that their children are still “quite young,” because if they were older, it would be harder to protect them from learning of their mother’s diagnosis through the Internet.

“It’s very important to try and manage the children because it’s just really frightening knowing that your mother’s ill and they will probably have a lot of questions,” she said.

Co-host Andrew Pierce added, “And also, kids on the playground are cruel, and it’s better that it’s not exposed to the kids on the playground just yet.”

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