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After wife saw a suspicious text on her husband’s phone, the truth unfolded as wife invited the woman her husband was texting to

Lisa saw a weird text message on her husband, David,’s phone while he was in the shower, requesting Lisa to accept his mother’s call.

It was customary for them to answer each other’s phones while they were doing something else.

As she was putting down the phone, a message appeared.

“Please do not inform Lisa yet. “We will do it together.”

When she saw the message, she was certain that David was cheating on her. She was devastated. She sat on the bed, listening to her spouse take a shower while humming a song.

She was with David since high school, and he was the only person she dated, as she was the only person David had dated.

After David left the shower, they went to the living room to watch a movie.

“Honey, I’m going to bed,” Lisa said, as she felt that she can’t stand without saying anything. “You can finish the movie, though, before coming up.”

She then discovered David’s phone in the bedroom and snooped through it.

There were no secret meeting plans or love words, so they were merely talking about Lisa. About her career and what she wants to do in her free time.

She then sent a message saying, “Come over tomorrow, my place, at 2 p.m. Lisa will be at work.

The next day, she was unable to concentrate on her work while using her laptop. At 2 p.m., the doorbell rang. Her heart skips a beat. As she opened the door, she recognized a woman but couldn’t place her.

“Are you Lisa?” she inquired. “I’m Gloria.”

She was in a panic and couldn’t understand why her husband was chєαtíng on her with an older woman.
“I’m your mother, Lisa,” the woman explained.

Lisa knew she was adopted, but she was perplexed. She only saw her mother in an old photograph, when she was small.

“Tell me everything,” Lisa said, as she welcomed her into the house.

“You were born out of love, Lisa,” Gloria said. “But circumstances forced me to give you up for adoption. Your father and I were only fifteen. We were children going to have a baby. My father refused for me to have you. He was worried about how it would reflect on him.”

“My mother tried to let me keep you, but he eventually took you away in the middle of the night. He transported you to the hospital and left you there. “You must have been four days old.”

She only had one picture in her blanket, and on the back it said, “Gloria Manson, 1987.”

David arrived home as they were enjoying hot chocolate and toast. He spotted Lisa and Gloria.
“Oh, honey,” David explained, “I didn’t know how to tell you, Lisa. Gloria called me months ago, and I’ve been helping her reconnect with you.”

“David has wanted to tell you about me for a time. “I kept telling him not to,” Gloria added. “I needed to find my bearings first. Until last night, he wanted to tell you.

“Why did you both wait so long?” Lisa asked.

“I was afraid, Lisa,” Gloria said. “How do you tell your child that you were barely a teenager when you had her and that her grandfather took her away?”

“There was a photo of you,” Lisa said, “It was left with me. My mother showed it to me on my sixteenth birthday, but I didn’t know how to do about it.”

“I’ve been watching you from a distance,” Gloria said.

“My father recently gave me a few details about you, and through the hospital, I discovered who you were.”

“I understand if you’re upset or confused,” Gloria said. “But I needed you to know the truth. I’m available if you want to get to know me.”

Lisa’s fury dissipated after those comments. She always wanted her biological mother to be a part of her life, even though she felt duped.

She hugged to her mother, and then to her husband. This was enough answer for Gloria and David to understand.

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