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The story of a father of three who was living in a tent and gave his last $2 to a stranger at a gas station, only to wake up the next day owning a big company, has become the talk of the town.

After giving his last $2 to an old guy in need at the gas station store, Brandon, who was homeless and impoverished, inherited his firm the following day. Brandon believes that his family is beginning a new chapter in their life, but a strong adversary intends to ruin everything.

Brandon shuffled into the gas station store, clutching his paper cup full of coins. He was about to cross an aisle when he heard a loud voice. He strained to see behind an old man with hearing problems, behind which stood a line of irate shoppers.

The old man approached the cashier and said, “I’m sorry, young lady. What did you say about the water being funny?”

“Money!” exclaimed she. “Sir, I told you that you don’t have enough money.”

“You require additional funds! In favor of the water! The man flinched when a younger guy behind him grabbed his shoulder and screamed in his ears.

Brandon took note of everything. He was itching to intervene, but he didn’t want to enrage the customers. The old man, in the meantime, asked to receive a smaller bottle of water because he wanted to take his medication and explained that he didn’t have enough money.

“You’ll have to leave if you are unable to pay!” yelled the clerk.

“May I go?” The cashier raced across the counter and grabbed the water bottle out of his hand as he turned to leave with a smile on his face. She growled, “Just get out, old man!” “You’re just too much work!”

“Yes, old fart, get lost!” A woman yelled as she stood in the midst of the line.

The old guy begged to be reminded to take his medication, but his requests were ignored.

It was enough for Brandon. Approaching the cashier in a march, he volunteered to pay for the elderly man.

He responded, “Have a heart, lady,” and set his cup down on the counter. The woman counted the money after giving him a disgusted look.

“It will take care of it,” she stated, taking all of the cash, including his last $2. “Now move aside. The line is being held by you.

As he gave the elder guy the water, Brandon left his can of beans on the counter.

“All right, sir. He assured the man he could see his face in case he needed to lip-read, saying, “I got you water.” He spoke slowly and clearly. He was thanked by the man. Together, they exited the store, and Brandon started to walk to his tent on the vacant lot next to the station, but the man stopped him.


Brandon pivoted around.

“When it was clear that you needed the money, why did you help me?” As the older man noticed Brandon’s tent, where his oldest daughter was using a bucket to help her two brothers wash up, he questioned.

“Being homeless has taught me one thing, sir: when people are nice to one another, the world functions.” stated Brandon. Sadly, there was no one at the store that could assist you.

However, what will your children eat? You left the beans on the counter, and I observed that.

Brandon answered, “We have the last of yesterday’s bread, and I’m pretty sure I’ll find some scraps at that fast-food place across the street.” “We’ll manage.”

The man frowned as he turned to go. When Brandon saw that he was getting into a shiny SUV, she questioned why a man of his caliber couldn’t afford a bottle of water.

The following day, a silver vehicle came up next to Brandon’s tent as he was sharing cold fries with his three children. A man emerged wearing a dapper suit and walked over to him.

Good morning, gentleman. “I am delivering this to you per Mr. Grives’s last request,” he added, holding out an envelope.

After wiping his hands, Brandon accepted it. Enclosed was a missive.

Greetings, sir

You showed me that you are a man of integrity yesterday by getting me a bottle of water with your last few dollars. Your generosity and conviction in doing good deeds for others have motivated me to return the favor by giving you the best present I can: my company.

I’m nearing the conclusion of my tenure on this planet. I’ve recently been wary of passing my business to my son since I now realize he is a self-centered, conceited man with a hard heart. If you were to inherit the company instead, my conscience would be much eased. All I ask is that you make sure my son is cared for and may lead a secure and comfortable life going forward.

I have to let you know, though, that my son will not agree with my choice. Indeed, it is likely that he will exert every effort to seize command of the company. You’ll need to exercise caution.

Is this a joke of any kind? Brandon gave the man a raised gaze.

The man produced a pen and a stack of printed papers. Mr. Grives spoke in a serious tone. And it will become official as soon as you sign these documents. Together with other personal belongings, you will inherit his business.

However, I only met the man yesterday. And he’s dead now, leaving everything to me? As he looked over the papers, Brandon questioned. Before going bankrupt, he had run a number of small enterprises, so he was no stranger to legalese.

“Sir, I recognize your worries, but the best attorneys drew these documents. Mr. Grives’ intentions were very obvious. Your name is all that is needed; the lawyers will take care of the rest.

Brandon signed the papers because he saw this as his opportunity to give his children a better life. The man then took him and the kids to their new residence.

Brandon looked up at the enormous colonial-style estate at the end of the road as soon as they got there.

Little Derrick said, “Can we set up a tent under that tree with pink flowers?”

“Silly, we’re going to live in that house! Yes, Father? Kelly queried.

Though he could hardly believe it himself, Brandon nodded. However, as soon as he pulled open the double doors, he felt uneasy. The place was disorganized, with a wardrobe overturned, a painting impaled on the banister, and a table on its side in the corridor.

After dropping the bags on the top step, Brandon chased the car and instructed the driver to dial 911. A few hours later, he was talking to the police while surrounded by smashed couches and damaged furnishings.

The officer stated, “We’ve looked around the entire house and there are no signs of forced entry, sir.” This indicates that whoever vandalized this location had a legal way to enter, along with the fact that the security system looks to have been disabled using the right code.

Similar to a key? Are you saying that the perpetrator of this simply strolled into this place?

“Sir, I think you should change the locks,” the officer nodded. “Whoever did this was searching for something, and when they couldn’t find it, they became very upset.”

Brandon had a suspicion that the old man’s son was behind everything as the police were leaving.

Mr. Grives’s secretary showed there early the following day. Before bringing Brandon to the company, she took him shopping and to a barbershop to get his hair done. Brandon was ready to search through the computer files in the office that used to belong to Mr. Grives when the doors suddenly flew open.

“You have to be Brandon,” I said. A man in his middle years, dressed in a dark suit, walked into the office and closed the door. “Hello, I’m Christopher, a previous business associate of Mr. Grives, and I’m here to help you avoid a lot of trouble.”

“Pardon me? What’s wrong? Brandon enquired.

With a smile, Christopher clarified that he was in charge of sales for one of Mr. Grives’s “specific” companies. Brandon realized right away that it was against the law. He declined to carry on with those services, but Christopher would not listen.

“Hey, you stupid person! Grives owes me two million dollars for managing his illegal operations! That debt is now your responsibility,” he said. And I’ll report everything to the police if you don’t pay up. In addition, you will be responsible for any damages and associated legal costs as the business’s owner. I therefore plan to receive my $2 million by Saturday. Alternatively, you might give me full ownership of the business.

How come? It’s extortion, this! You must be kidding me! Brandon shot back.

Indeed, it is. And in case you believe I’m not being completely serious. Pushing aside his suit jacket, Christopher put his palm on the butt of a revolver that was holstered at his side. You may be sure that I’ll make you vanish if you cross me, Brandon. There won’t even be enough of you for the cops to identify the body.

Brandon remained silent and complied with Christopher’s requests. He was curious, though, if Christopher was conniving. Brandon then looked for any signs of this illegal aspect of the company, but the computer’s files and data did not provide him with the information he required.

By that evening, Brandon was certain that Christopher was lying after going over the data from every other department. But then he saw it—the filing cabinet buried away in one of the room’s corners. Using the keys he’d discovered earlier on his desk, Brandon opened it. And nestled within the drawer was an antiquated file box, which caught his attention right once.

Brandon realized Christopher wasn’t lying when he saw a ledger with entries written in some sort of abbreviated form within. Hopeless, he pulled into a drawer to retrieve some booze, assuming wealthy businessmen would have pricey scotch close at hand, only to see a picture.

Mr. Grives was pictured standing next to a younger man. When Brandon noticed how much they looked alike, his eyes widened in dread. Christopher, the young man, was the son of Mr. Grives!

For Brandon, everything started to make sense. It was unbelievable to him that Mr. Grives, a decent man, would engage in unethical commercial activities. Brandon concluded that Christopher was probably blackmailing him through his own dubious activities.

Everything was occurring far too quickly—a freak twist that threatened to take it all away, along with a lucky break. Fortunately, Brandon had some experience in the tumultuous world of business; prior to his downfall and eventual homelessness, he had pursued his share of entrepreneurial endeavors.

In the subterranean parking lot on Saturday morning, Brandon confronted Christopher with a counterproposal.

Brandon said, “I’ll give you 49 percent of the company while I keep the remaining 51 percent because I have to maintain my word to your old dad. I take it that’ll be sufficient for you to live comfortably? And I’ll hold onto the right to run the business the way your father desired.

Christopher, though, declined. “I’m not a moron! Not a token portion of it; I deserved it all! When you get your act together, let’s speak!” He growled and walked away.

Brandon returned to his desk. He made the decision to give Christopher his $2 million and call it quits on this, only to discover that the company’s funds were either invested in assets or used to cover monthly costs. Brandon had no power.

Saddened, he made his way back home, where he was met with yet more difficulty. The babysitter for his children was gagged and strapped to a chair when he opened the front door.

“He abducted the children! To let you know that this ought to be your wake-up call, he said She sobbed as he set her free, and Brandon recognized the person she was referring about.

Calling Christopher, Brandon begged him not to harm the kids and agreed to turn over the business. They agreed to get together at noon. However, Brandon also made a police call, and within thirty minutes, he was seated next to an FBI agent.

“Just do as I say, and we’ll get your kids back.” He was reassured by Agent Bates.

Christopher was lounging by the pool of a hotel he had rented out that midday. With the exception of the manager, whom he had lavishly rewarded, he had fired all hotel employees and imprisoned Brandon’s children in a cupboard.

Christopher lost his temper when there were five minutes remaining before the deadline and he had not heard from Brandon. He made the decision to film one of the kids drowning in the pool and email Brandon the footage.

The manager interrupted, “Excuse me, sir.” There’s a package for you.

Christopher forgot his wrath and smiled as he looked at the envelope. Strolling to his room, he signed the documents that were in the mail. At last, the company was his! He then set Brandon’s kids free. “A group of ragamuffins like you three can definitely find your way,” I said. Go now and get lost!

Christopher completed his preparations, celebrated his win, and went to adjust his tie in the mirror. He heard a click abruptly from behind him. Christopher knew the sound of a gun’s safety selector even though it was quiet.

“FBI! Raise your hands in the air and bow down! You’ve been placed under arrest.

Christopher gave himself up. Brandon was holding his kids close to him on the sidewalk, though. Christopher was apprehended as a result of Agent Bates’s suggestion to include a tracker in the documents.

You’re going to file for bankruptcy prior to the end of this month! And until you pass away, you will pay off fines! When Christopher was being led into the police vehicle, he yelled.

Eager to put things right, Brandon took the kids home. Knowing that he wouldn’t have any money left by the time the inquiry was done, he gave the agents the evidence—the copy of the company’s records and the ledger he had discovered in his office—when the FBI’s fraud section arrived with a warrant. He would, however, be free.

“Daddy, will we be leaving our house once more, the way we did when Mommy passed away?” Kelly questioned him after the agents left.

Brandon knelt down and gave his children a hug.

“Hey, you three, there are still a lot of details to work out, but everything will work out in the end. Are you curious as to why?

Derrick, Kelly, and Sam, his middle child, gave him a serious look and nodded.

The reason for this is that what we have most value is right here in my arms. We will always have the most valuable resource available to us: love, as long as we remain united. Children, the wealth of this world comes and goes, but the love we have for one another is a treasure that no one can take away.

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