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Wealthy Man Spots Old Cross on Maid’s Neck and Turns Pale from a Sudden Memory – Story of the Day

Elena is a maid in a big mansion. After a couple of unexpected events, the owner and lord of the estate falls in love with her, but what can Elena do when so many obstacles stand in the way of her finding true love?

In the opulent estate of the Agnelli family, the young maid, Elena, served dinner to the young master, Marco, and his fiancée, Rose, under the watchful supervision of the butler, Luca. Elena wanted to make a good impression, but a barking command disrupted her precise movements.

“Fill my glass again! I shouldn’t have to tell you,” Rose snapped, to which Elena apologized and complied.

Elena’s hand shook slightly as she feared another outburst from the master’s fiancée, but she felt someone else’s eyes on her. Marco was staring at her chest, which made her flush. But even worse, Elena wasn’t the only one who noticed.

“What are you looking at her for!” Rose accused, clanking her fork roughly against the mahogany table.

“What are you talking about? I was staring at her cross!” Marco scoffed, shaking his head. Rose wouldn’t let up, accusing him of staring at the maid’s bosom. Finally, he rolled his eyes and left the table.

Once alone, Rose turned her beady, greedy eyes to the maid. “Take it off now!” she ordered.

“I-I can’t. It’s too precious to me,” Elena said, covering it protectively. But Rose’s hands came at her hard and fast, pulling and trying to pry the necklace off. With a pop, the chain broke, making them all gasp, including the usually quiet butler.

They didn’t have time to process much else because Marco’s harsh bellow interrupted the silence. “I’ll never tolerate this kind of behavior. Fortunately, we are not married yet!” he declared, his finger pointed at Rose’s face as he prowled toward her.

“Marco!” she cried when he took her hand and took the engagement ring off her finger. Rose’s wails became louder and more hysterical as Marco walked away, indicating for Elena to follow.


In the quiet of Marco’s study, he attempted to repair the broken necklace while surreptitiously inspecting it closer. “I’ve noticed you wearing that cross every day. It seems to hold great significance for you,” he observed, breaking the silence.

“It was a gift from my grandmother. It means a lot to me,” Elena explained.

“I see. Family heirlooms are precious. Now, let me see what I can do about fixing it,” he continued, his eyes lifting briefly to hers before focusing on the task at hand.

They began talking, and Elena wondered why he was nicer to her than his fiancée. Marco explained that he believed in fairness and respect, regardless of social position. When the chain was finally repaired, he handed it back.

“Take care of it. And remember, you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect,” he commented, and the words made her cry for some reason.

“I-I’m sorry, it’s just been a while since anyone said such things to me,” she tearfully admitted.

Marco sighed for a second and swiveled his chair to look out the window, and then he stood quickly. “Follow me! Let me show you a place,” he told her softly. “You’ll be the first person ever to see it.”

“Wait, what would Miss Rose say?”

“She’s no longer my fiancée, remember?” Marco lifted one eyebrow. “And I’m the master of this house, am I not?”


He led her into a garden behind the main house through a cleverly unnoticeable entrance. Elena couldn’t believe she had never discovered it before, and she wondered why such a beautiful piece of the property was kept hidden from everyone.

It was a sanctuary of vibrant blossoms that captured Elena’s gaze as she strolled through its enchanting pathways. She was captivated by its beauty and Marco’s presence. He was just as bewitching.

“If you don’t mind my company, you could join me here in the evenings,” Marco requested after seeing the wonder in her expression.

Elena eagerly accepted. “I-I want to as long as this is alright.”

He nodded, a serene expression coloring his face as he stared at his peaceful garden.

That was how their relationship began, and slowly, it blossomed like one of the flowers of that secret place. They met there every night when Marco wasn’t away on business.

One evening, they were having another bewitching moment when Marco complemented Elena by placing a red flower in her hair.

“You look like a princess,” he whispered, his eyelids heavy.

“Sorry, but you’re engaged, Mr. Marco,” Elena said, breaking the spell.

“But I took back the engagement ring, remember?” he reminded her.

The issue was that Rose hadn’t given up, as she and Marco’s upcoming marriage was an arrangement between their wealthy and influential families. Elena knew from the bottom of her heart that the Agnellis would disapprove of her dating their son.

Marco exhaled, nodding. “I’ll talk to her and my family. It’s nothing more than an arranged marriage, and it can’t happen if I disagree,” he promised.

Their bond grew in the garden, with Marco expressing his genuine self and Elena finding someone who truly listened to her. Despite their growing closeness, the reality of their different societal positions and the looming presence of Rose hung like a sword over their happiness.


In the empty mansion, Rose seethed, wondering why Marco was taking the maid to the garden every single night. Finally, she entered the kitchen, passing the halls toward the service quarters, and found Luca.

“Miss Rose!”

“How long has this been happening?” she snapped in her icy tone.

The butler stumbled on his words but revealed it had been about two weeks. “And you didn’t think to inform me? Am I a fool in your eyes?” she bellowed, looking away at the rest of the tiny, subpar room.

She then saw Luca’s flushed face as he fixed his clothes, and a plan formed in her mind. Her tone softened, and her eyes turned hooded as she approached the butler.

“Are you just going to stand by while Marco rejects me for a maid? Don’t you care for me?” Rose whispered seductively. “If you don’t do something about this, we won’t be able to see each other anymore.”

She then told him exactly what they should do to separate Marco and Elena. Despite his reservations, Luca agreed to help her. “I’ll do it, but on one condition,” he stated, swallowing.

Rose saw his eyes shifting to the bed and knew his condition without another word. “Let’s get to it quickly then,” she said, removing her shirt.


The following night, Marco returned to the house from his business dealings, and Luca stopped him before the young master could retire to his room to change and freshen up for his encounter with Elena.

“Mr. Marco!” Luca called, jogging towards his employer. “Sorry for being so direct, but would you mind if I asked Elena to marry me?”

Marco’s back straightened before he inquired more. Luca said that he and Elena had been dating for years, and it was time to take the next step. Marco’s lips pursed tightly before he licked them and muttered, “Yeah, I wish you the best.”

Rose watched the exchange with glee.

Meanwhile, Elena waited in the garden, alone and confused. After a few hours, she returned to the mansion, promising to check on Marco in the morning.

But when the dawn broke, and Elena went to check his room, she saw Rose, her naked body covered by the bed sheets. The sound of the shower running confirmed Elena’s worst fears. Her eyes watered immediately.

“You’re crying? Did you think Marco would be interested in a maid? Ha!” Rose taunted, chuckling loudly.

“He lied to me!”

“No, he played with you, which is what we all do with the staff!” Rose insisted, rising from the bed and intentionally letting the sheets go.

Marco exited the shower in just a towel, and his eyes widened at the women facing each other in his room. “What’s going on?” he asked, his eyes turning to Rose. “Why are you naked in my room?”

“You slept with Rose! Last night, I went to the garden, and you weren’t there!” Elena cried, wiping her cheeks and sniffing harshly.

“What? No, I was here alone all night. I haven’t spoken to her for days. I spoke to Luca, and he said you two were dating. Why didn’t you tell me?” Marco asked back.

“What? No! My heart belongs only to you,” Elena declared.

Marco’s face swiveled to a still-naked Rose. “Did you plan this?”

“What? No!” Rose shook her head, but her hands reached for the sheets to cover herself.

Marco walked toward the wall where an intercom sat. He pressed a button roughly and spat, “Luca, come up here. NOW!”

Luca rushed over, his eyes widening at Rose and Marco’s state of semi-nakedness. “Sir?” he mumbled.

“Did you lie to me last night about dating Elena?” Marco asked directly, his expression fiery.

Luca mumbled, his eyes darting between his employer and Rose.

“Luca, how could you say that? We’ve barely spoken except for when you have a task for me,” Elena chimed in, still sniffing.

“I-I… hmmm,” Luca gulped as sweat beaded on his forehead.

“Did Rose make you do this?” Marco asked, his voice turning ice cold. “Tell me the truth now.”

Luca hung his head. “Yes,” he whispered.

“NO! That’s not true! You’re going to believe the help?” Rose bellowed, walking into Marco’s line of vision.

“Get out of my house immediately,” Marco demanded, staring down at his ex-fiancée, trying to withhold his rage.

“NO! You’re mine!” Rose said, stomping petulantly.

He finally grabbed her arm and pushed her out of his room. Luca backed out of the bedroom as Rose was almost thrown out.

“If you’re not gone in the next 10 minutes, I’ll tell your parents who you slept with,” Marco threatened, his chin lifting to indicate the butler. “I know about all of the butlers and gardeners you’ve lured into bed, not just Luca. And if I tell your parents, we both know that’ll be the end of your life of luxury.”

Luca’s eyes bulged, but Marco slammed the door, leaving him and Elena alone.

“So, you didn’t sleep with Rose again?” Elena asked, her voice low and timid as Marco breathed heavily.

“No, I would never, Elena, I swear,” he said, finally recovering and walking over to wrap her in his arms. “But I’m sorry about this. Please stay here, in this house with me, forever. I love you.”

“But we can’t be together,” Elena said into his chest. “Rose is only one issue. I’m not rich. Your family would never allow this.”

“Why would that matter? Surely you don’t think I’m that shallow,” Marco said, breathing the scent of her hair deeply. “But I’ve been doing some digging. That necklace you have very likely came from a very noble family.”

“That’s not possible,” Elena scoffed in disbelief.

“Let’s go to the library,” Marco grinned and took her hand.


“Look, technically, you are a princess,” Marco told her, his voice filled with awe, after reaching for the books and pointing out how this was possible. “I’ll investigate more, but I don’t care either way. I love you, and that’s all that matters.”

Elena swallowed thickly, nodding slightly. “You’re right. We’ll deal with whatever comes because I love you, too, and I’m not giving up.”

Marco pulled her into a sweet, tender kiss but broke it when she started laughing. “What?” he asked, perplexed.

“You’re still in your towel,” Elena giggled.

“Let’s take advantage of that, then,” he countered, wiggling his eyebrows. Elena’s laughter stopped as other things distracted her.

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