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The daughter asked the pianist to play, and the father started to sing.

Sometimes ordinary days can turn into unforgettable days. Such was the day for a man named Justin who visited the Disney resort with his daughter.
When father and daughter were walking, the little girl saw a sitting pianist playing pleasant music. Suddenly, the girl thought whether her father would be able to sing to that music or not. The girl approached the pianist and asked him to play so that her father could sing.

Love: Justin often sings Lyla to sleep every night, and she also has a passion for singing

This video appeared on the Internet and collected more than 14 million views. After watching the video, passers-by started praising the song of Justin and his dad.
The video gathered interesting opinions. Many praised the girl for her brilliant thinking, the other part wrote that they were shopping in the store and heard the song and went out to understand what was happening.
Let’s listen to Justin’s song with love and also give our assessment.

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