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A man’s heart was broken when he realized where his dog ran away to every day.

his story is about devotion, true love and loyalty, as well as duty. And it was not a person who showed all these qualities, but an ordinary dog ​​named Caesar.

His owner, Al Ilhan, began to notice that the pet went somewhere in the morning. When this became systematic,

he followed the dog and learned its sad secret. The editors of have translated this story for you. This is Ilkhan and Caesar. An ordinary person and an ordinary dog.

Caesar was not distinguished by his willfulness, he was flexible, so the oddities in his behavior alarmed Ilhan.

When the man decided to follow the dog, he had no idea how long the journey would be. They walked through almost the entire city, to the outskirts.

Caesar confidently ran further, to a well-known place, and Ilkhan already understood everything. And he was not very surprised when he came to the place to the grave of his father, Mexmet Ilkhan.

Two years ago, old Mehmet was partially paralyzed and doctors recommended getting an assistance animal for him.

The Ilkhan family adopted the homeless Caesar, a simple but charming dog, from the shelter. During this time, Caesar became so attached to his new master,

so accustomed to helping the old man, that he could not imagine any other life. Alas, the years took their toll one day Mehmet was taken to the hospital and he never returned home.

Caesar never saw his master and was unable to say goodbye to him as he would have liked.However, he
understood everything and a photograph of a grieving dog at the coffin of Mehmet Ilhan ended up on the Internet.

People saw his pain, but few could imagine how great it was. Even Al Ilkhan himself did not immediately understand,

and when he realized, he burst into tears right there, at his father’s grave together with Caesar.

No one can stop Caesar from grieving for his old master and time has no power here, the dog will always remember old Mehmet.

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