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You can’t believe what was in the package that this little pup found near a trash can

Some dogs are so common on the streets that the residents call them “courtyards.” This ginger dog such a case.

However, people can’t believe that one of those ordinary dogs could be so intelligent. His name is Pugh, and he became prominent due to his smartness.

Pugh loved landfills, and on that day, as usual he wandered around. The strange noises tempted him to go and investigate the nearby trash bin. There he found a package that had something moving in it. The pup immediately thought that people had to see it.

He grabbed the package with his teeth and dragged it toward the nearby neighborhood. He started barking loudly in order that someone would notice the package.

Fortunately, a woman noticed it and came close. She thought there were kittens there. In fact, it was a newborn human baby abandoned by someone. The woman was shocked and she immediately called the police and an ambulance, as the baby seemed to be d_ying.

Thankfully, the doctors were able to save the newborn . However, they mentioned that the dog came by just in time. They couldn’t have saved the baby if the dog hadn’t come in time.

The journalists learned about this story, and then the pup became the city’s hero. The mayor gave a collar to the hero so that everybody in the city could recognize him

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