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Man Puts Mom in Nursing Home and Never Visits Her

A man makes the difficult decision to move his aging mother into assisted care, but she discovers unexpected companionship and kindness from a young volunteer.

Getting older wasn’t easy for Edith Norton. She had always been active and vibrant, but as she entered her late sixties, her health began to decline.

By her seventy-second birthday, Edith realized living alone was no longer feasible. A fall in her kitchen left her stranded for hours until a neighbor finally found her.

When her son Gary visited her in the hospital, he gently broached the subject of assisted living. Edith hoped Gary would take her in, but he had other plans.

“Mom,” Gary explained, “It’s time to sell the house and move into assisted living. It’s safer and more suitable for someone your age.”

Edith hesitated, hoping for a different solution. “But Gary,” she said, “You have such a big house…”

Gary insisted, “Kate and I value our privacy. Autumn Meadows would be better for you, and I’ll visit often.”

With a heavy heart, Edith moved into Autumn Meadows. Although she appreciated the privacy of her own apartment, she often felt lonely.

Gary visited only twice in the first few months, and his subsequent calls were brief and rushed.

One day, a cheerful young man named Jack interrupted Edith’s solitude in the recreation room.

“Hi! I’m Jack,” he greeted her with a warm smile.

Surprised by his friendliness, Edith asked, “Are you visiting family?”

Jack shook his head. “No, my grandparents passed away. I volunteer here now.”

Edith chuckled bitterly. “Do you enjoy being around useless old people? I wish my grandchildren cared like you.”

Jack reassured her, “You’re not useless. You still have a lot to offer. What do you miss the most?”

Edith admitted shyly, “I used to love going to basketball games with my husband.”

Jack’s eyes lit up. “I’ll arrange for us to go to a game together!”

From then on, Jack took Edith to basketball games regularly, becoming her cherished companion.

Over the years, they formed a close bond, and Jack treated Edith like his own grandmother. He brought her flowers, shared stories, and celebrated birthdays together.

When Edith passed away unexpectedly, Jack mourned her loss alongside Gary and his family.

However, when it came time to settle Edith’s estate, Gary was in for a shock. Edith had left her entire estate to Jack, who had brought her comfort and joy in her final years.

The lesson from this story is clear:

– Our elderly loved ones deserve our time, attention, and care.
– Kindness and compassion can make a world of difference to someone in need.

Share this story to spread awareness and inspire others to show love and appreciation to the elderly in their lives.

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