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Single Mom of 12 Voices Struggle with Limited Finances to Feed Her Kids!

Veronica Merritt, a single mother of 12 from New York, recently opened up about the financial hurdles she faces amid the cost of living crisis. She shared that relying on food stamps has become a necessity to feed her large family, as she struggles to make ends meet. Despite encountering criticism and negativity on social media platforms like TikTok, Veronica remains unwavering in her devotion to her children and her determination to provide for them.

Veronica candidly revealed that her food bill has soared to an overwhelming $24,000 annually, prompting her to opt for budget-friendly staples like macaroni, hot dogs, and instant ramen to feed her family. She expressed frustration at being judged for her financial circumstances, particularly by those who questioned her choice to have so many children. Nevertheless, Veronica firmly stands by her decision to embrace motherhood, describing it as her “superpower.”

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