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I Unexpectedly Returned Home Early and Caught My MIL in Our Bed

Piper, expecting and hopeful to mend ties with her mother-in-law before the arrival of the baby, discovers her son’s mother, Margaret, conducting an odd ritual in the center of the bed. What’s happening, and should Piper be concerned?

Unexpectedly, I returned home early one day to witness an astonishing scene in my new bedroom involving my mother-in-law.

Recently, Max, my husband, and I had relocated to a new residence when Max was abruptly called away for work. Margaret, who never concealed her animosity toward me, volunteered to assist in setting up our new home. Given my pregnancy, I considered it a gesture of reconciliation.

“Maybe things will improve,” Max remarked before departing. “Perhaps this is how Mom will get acquainted with you.”

But Margaret had different intentions.

The bond between her and Lily, Max’s ex-wife, was legendary. Lily and Max parted ways amicably; she chose to travel the world instead of settling down, a decision incompatible with Max’s desire for children.

However, Margaret admired Lily, viewing her as the ideal match for Max, embodying the elegance and dignity she believed suited our family legacy — sentiments she shared during one of our lunches.

Margaret’s antipathy toward me stemmed not only from personal disdain but also from a deep-seated conviction that I could never replace Lily.

On that significant day, plagued by morning sickness, my boss advised me to leave work early.

“Go home and rest, Piper,” he urged. “Work will wait.”

Entering the house, I sensed an unusual quietness — Margaret typically played soft music when alone.

Searching each room, I approached our bedroom with growing unease, hearing solitary murmurs.

What on earth is happening? I wondered.

Pushing the door open, I beheld a scene that would haunt me:

Margaret, seated cross-legged on the bed’s center, surrounded by candles, scattered photos of Max with Lily, holding a ring and Max’s childhood blanket, muttering what sounded like a fusion of prayer and curse.

“What are you doing?” I exclaimed, shocked, as the baby kicked in my belly.

Margaret’s initial shock shifted swiftly to defensiveness.

“I’m rectifying things, Piper,” she snapped.

“Rectifying? By doing what?” I inquired. “Some sort of ritual on my bed?”

“It’s not a ritual,” she retorted icily. “It’s a blessing. A cleansing. Max erred in choosing you after Lily left. I’m attempting to summon her back from her worldly wanderings. I must rectify the mistakes made by both Lily and my son.”

“Margaret,” I murmured, feeling the familiar surge of morning sickness.

“Leave my house. Now!” I commanded, drawing strength from an unknown reservoir.

After some hesitation, she began gathering her belongings. Extinguishing the candles, she retrieved the ring and blanket, muttering about ungrateful daughters-in-law as she departed.

I documented the scene with photographs, eager to show Max what his mother had been doing.

Refusing to sleep in the master bedroom thereafter, I made the guest bedroom my sanctuary until Max’s return, knowing he’d be away for a week.

Upon his return, I presented the evidence — the photographs speaking volumes. His eyes betrayed hurt and bewilderment.

“I knew she struggled to accept you,” he confessed. “But I never imagined she’d go this far.”

For the sake of our baby, we resolved to confront the issue head-on. The discussion with his mother was intense and emotional.

She broke down, acknowledging her reluctance to let go of the past.

“I loved Lily like a daughter,” she admitted.

Max implored his mother to seek counseling, insisting it was the only path back into our lives.

“If you wish to see the baby and be part of his life, you must comply, Mom,” he asserted.

It wasn’t a swift resolution — it demanded time and dedication. Gradually, Margaret began to change. She made sincere efforts to integrate into our lives, organizing a baby shower for us. When our son arrived, she was there, cradling him with tears in her eyes.

Despite everything, Max believed in his mother’s capacity for change, aiding my journey toward forgiveness.

Unbeknownst to Max, I remain vigilant when she cares for the baby. While it appears her aspirations for a life with Lily are abandoned, I’m not ready to let my guard down.

Not yet.

What would you have done in my position?

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