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Losing a parent is one of the most painful things in life, so when this older sister found out that her younger sibling was being treated badly by their widowed dad’s new wife, she took matters into her own hands…

The sister took to Reddit to explain the traumatic situation, which was a mess from start to finish.

Keep reading to find out exactly how it all panned out!

She explained that she was the elder of two sisters, and that their mother had devastatingly passed away three years ago. However, the sister said that their widowed father moved on incredibly quickly, and remarried just six months after his wife’s death.

Their father brought his new wife into their family home, which was their late mother’s ancestral property, left in her will to the eldest daughter. The younger, 16-year-old sister was left a vacation home. To make matters worse, the new wife removed all the pictures of the late mother and placed them in the younger sister’s room.

The drama starts

As the 16-year-old girl struggled to cope with the loss of her mother and the rapid transition of her father into a new marriage, she received the news that the new wife was pregnant. Not only this, but she was expecting twins.

This news was overwhelming for the younger sister, who was still grieving her mother’s death and now faced the prospect of two new additions to the family.

Amidst all of these challenges, the 16-year-old decided that she wanted to host a Sweet 16th birthday party at their family home while her father and his new wife were away. The party continued well into the next morning, but the teen’s dad and stepmother ended up returning early from their trip… And they were not happy.

While the father was aware of the party, he was furious after coming home to a group of drunk teenagers lying around the house. This triggered an explosive confrontation between the pregnant wife and the 16-year-old, which escalated into a heated screaming match.

The situation only became worse, deteriorating to the point where the new wife kicked the younger daughter out and sent her to live with her aunt. She even went a step further and accused the teen of being just like her dead mother, saying she had become a burden to her father.

The older sister steps in

When the older sister discovered what happened, she was appalled. “I was furious when I got to know about it. I showed up home the next day,” she wrote on the Reddit post. As the legal owner of the house, she made a decision to evict her father and his new wife from the property. At the time, the wife was seven months pregnant with her twins.

The stepmother was unaware that the home belonged to her daughter, but she was told she had a week to vacate the property. The older sister understood that it was less than ideal to evict a pregnant woman from her home, but she felt she had no choice – especially given that she believe her father should have supported her younger sister, who had been struggling with depression since the passing of her mother.

Despite her actions, and her well-meaning intentions, the older sister was vilified by her father. He labeled her a spoiled brat and even threatened to contest her mother’s will. However, the older sister had already prepared for this and had retained a family lawyer.

Many Reddit users supported the older sister. To them, it appeared as though the stepmother was seeking a way to be rid of the 16-year-old to start a family with just her and her husband.

One person said they were so satisfied to read that the stepmother had been unaware that the home belonged to the older daughter.

Others added that the father should never have allowed the situation to escalate in the way that it did, and that he should have stood up for his daughter – especially when his new wife made some pretty cruel remarks about his late wife.

The general consensus was that the widowed husband and his new wife deserved each other, and that they should stay away from the two sisters…

What did you think about this sticky situation? Let us know in the comments!

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