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Elizabeth had a 35-year-old son, Jason, who was married with his wife, Amelia. They were seemingly in a perfect marriage, where Elizabeth had a great relationship with Amelia.

When Amelia was pregnant, Elizabeth said one day, “It would be amazing if Tom could have met your baby.”

“What? Who’s Tom?” Amelia asked as she was confused.

“Didn’t Jason tell you?” Elizabeth asked.

“What are you talking about? I don’t know any Tom!” Amelia said, as they were both confused.

“It seems Jason tried to hide this secret from you but I can’t lie. Tom is his first son with his teenage girlfriend, Sharon.” Elizabeth said.

“What do you mean, what happened to them?” Amelia wanted to learn more.

“When Jason was 16, he had another child, but, we tragically lost Tom a few years later,” Elizabeth continued. Then revealed that Jason got separated after their son was born.

Even though Elizabeth loved her son, she explained that Jason neglected Sharon and Tom, and she thought that her son was too little to become a father, and he couldn’t manage being a father, who was working to provide also.

Elizabeth revealed that Jason’s poor treatment to Sharon also pushed Sharon to post-partum depression too, where Elizabeth had cared for Sharon during that time.

Sharon had a car accident while going to her doctor’s appointment for her son, and after the accident, she lost the baby, and she started to use drugs later. “She still lives with her parents and is a recluse.” Elizabeth added.

“I… I had no idea. Jason never mentioned this.” Amelia was shocked, and she couldn’t found any words to speak.

After what Amelia learned, that created some problems between Jason and Amelia, and Amelia wanted Elizabeth to confront with them. She said that Jason would deny if she would talk about the matter alone.

As Elizabeth went to their house, the confrontation began. “Jason, how could you not tell me about your own son?” Amelia started.

“I… I thought it was behind us. It’s not who I am anymore,” Jason was shocked.

“Behind us? I’m your wife, Jason! How can I trust you, knowing you could hide something so big? What if you decide to leave me too, with our child?”

Before talking, Jason looked at his mother, and said, “Mom, how could you?”

“You had no right to dredge up the past like that!” Jason continued.

“But she deserved to know, Jason. She’s your wife,” Elizabeth responded.

“I begged and pleaded last night, but she doesn’t trust me anymore and keeps mentioning separation and divorce,” Jason said.

Now Elizabeth is sitting alone in her living room, thinking about what she had done, as she is leading her beloved son’s marriage to be destroyed with what she said to Amelia.

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