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I Found Out My Husband Wanted to Cheat on Me, So I Gave Him a Lesson He’ll Never Forget

Having been together for years, I never expected to discover that my husband, Mark, was planning to cheat on me. However, his recent behavior with his phone raised my suspicions. He would clutch it even while asleep, and never once did he let it out of his sight.

Whenever I entered the room, he would swiftly hide his phone, always typing under the covers or rushing to put it away. It was obvious he was keeping secrets, and I feared they weren’t the harmless kind.

One night, as we sat under a blanket watching TV, his phone slipped from his pocket. Normally, he would scramble to pick it up, but that night, he was fast asleep. The phone buzzed continuously by my side, piquing my curiosity. Initially, I resisted the urge to look, planning only to plug it in for charging.

However, as I picked up the phone, the screen lit up, revealing multiple notifications from a dating app. The betrayal hit me hard. After years of supporting him financially while he struggled with unemployment, this was how he repaid me.

Standing there, phone in hand, I felt a mix of anger and heartbreak. I could have woken him up and confronted him right then, but I decided against it. Instead, I wiped away my tears and devised a plan to expose his deceit.

The next day, I enlisted the help of my friend Lisa, whose stunning looks were just Mark’s type. With her consent, I used her photos to create a profile on the same dating app. It didn’t take long before Mark swiped right on her profile. We matched, and I began an elaborate charade.

Over the next week, our conversations grew increasingly flirty. Mark lied about being single and living with a “roommate.” The audacity of his lies was sickening, but I maintained my role.

Soon, we planned a meeting at a hotel. He eagerly agreed to all the details, including paying for the room—a cost that ironically fell on me, as I still managed our finances.

On the day he lied about going to his mother’s, he left with a smile, thinking he was off to meet his new fling. Little did he know, I had a different plan. Once he was gone, I packed all his belongings and left them on the curb. I then called a locksmith to change the locks.

That evening, as he waited at the hotel, I continued to assure him that I was on my way. My friend had sent risqué photos to keep him interested, which he eagerly believed were from his date.

Late into the night, I finally sent him a message on the app—not the sultry image he expected, but a photo of his belongings being scavenged by passersby on the street.

Along with the photo, I texted, “Enjoy your stay at the hotel.” As his frantic calls came in, I blocked his number and went to sleep, relieved and liberated from the deceit.

The weekend passed, and on Monday, as I returned from work, I found him disheveled and desperate outside my apartment. He begged for forgiveness and a place to stay. Despite his pleas, I remained firm, recalling all the lies and betrayal.

His desperation soon turned to anger, and he tried to force his way in. I pushed him out and locked the door, immediately calling the police. They arrived, and I filed for a restraining order.

Later, I learned he had moved away and finally found a job. Though part of me wondered if he truly changed, I was more focused on my newfound freedom.

Reflecting on everything, I realized how important it is to stand up for oneself. This experience, though painful, was a powerful lesson in self-respect and independence.

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