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I Kicked Out My Widowed Dad & His Pregnant Wife after Discovering What She Did to My Little Sister

A protective sister kicked out her father and his new wife after they mistreated her 16-year-old sister. The siblings were still dealing with the loss of their mother and the shock of their father remarrying only six months after her passing.

The pain of losing a parent is unimaginable, so when an older sister found out her father’s new wife was ill-treating her younger sister, she made sure it would never happen again.

The sister took to Reddit to express how far her anger took her. She explained that it had been three years since she and her sister lost their mother, but their father remarried six months after her death.

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Their father moved his new wife into their family home. The house was his late wife’s ancestral home, which she wanted to keep in the family, so she left it to her eldest daughter, while the 16-year-old sister was left with the vacation home.

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But soon after the new wife moved in, she removed all the pictures of the late wife and placed them all in the younger sister’s room.

The Argument That Changed Everything
While the 16-year-old tried to adjust to her mother’s death and the reality of her father moving on swiftly after such a big loss, she found out the new wife was pregnant with twins.

The news did not sit well with the younger sister. She was still recovering from the depression of her mother’s passing, so new additions to the family only overwhelmed her.

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In the midst of all these problems, she decided to throw a big 16th birthday party at the house while her father and wife were on vacation. The celebration continued the next morning, but the couple arrived early from their holiday.

The father was aware of the party, but coming home to a bunch of teenagers passed out all around the house infuriated the pregnant woman. She completely lost it with the 16-year-old, and they ended up in a heated battle of “shouting.”

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The argument went as far as the new wife kicking out the younger daughter and sending her to live with her aunt. She told the teen she was just like her mother and a burden to her father.

The Older Sister’s Reaction
The older sister could not believe her ears. “I was furious when I got to know about it. I showed up home the next day,” she recounted. Since she owned the home, she decided to kick her father and his seven-months-pregnant wife out of the house.

The stepmother did not know the home belonged to her, but she told them to leave the house in a week. It was not easy for her to kick out a pregnant woman, but she wished her father had stood up for her little sister, especially since she had been dealing with depression.

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Now, the older sister was seen as a villain. Her father called her a spoiled brat and wanted to challenge her mother’s will, but she was already prepared and had a family lawyer lined up.

Many commenters commended the older sister for taking the matter into her own hands. For many readers, it seemed like the stepmother wanted to find a way to get rid of the 16-year-old so she could start a family with just her and her husband.

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Even more enjoyable for Reddit users to read was how the stepmother did not know the home belonged to the eldest daughter. Most importantly, many did not like that the father allowed the situation to escalate to that extent.

Commenters believed the father should have never allowed his new wife to shout at his daughter and say such things about her late mother. Therefore, internet users thought the couple deserved to be together and away from the sisters.

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