Kate Middleton and Prince William “concerned” for Prince George – they have a plan to help him

The royal children are growing up fast. Prince George turned ten earlier this year, and now, he is preparing for the most crucial test so far. The future king will change schools in a few years, and there has been some speculation about whether he will walk in his father’s footsteps and attend Eton. However, now, there might be a new plan for the young prince.

While George and his siblings, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, are easily the most famous children at school, the fact that their lives are already very public is making Prince William and Kate concerned. The two have previously stated they want their children to have a normal childhood – but it might be more challenging than one can imagine.

Prince George, just like any other child, likes to play sports and enjoy other hobbies. But now might not be the time for it. Instead, he has been studying for his ISEB multiple-choice exam covering verbal and non-verbal reasoning, mathematics, and English.

Prince George future education – which school will he attend?
It is a critical test, as it is used as a “sub-selection process” for entrance into the top schools, such as Eton, which George has already visited with his parents.

“The grading or the testing is very competitive to get into Eton, it’s one of the most sought-after schools in the world, and it begins two years early, it’s like a sub-selection process,” historian Tessa Dunlop told OK! Magazine. “It’s also quite difficult if you weren’t royal, it’s very competitive, but I’m sure George will get in.”

She added, “I expect George is quite a bright young fella, but he’ll be being assessed and he’ll sit exams. George won’t need private tuition because that will be part of the package that they’ve paid for within Lambrook, within the private preparatory school.”

Some months ago, George was spotted alongside his parents looking around Eton College. Both Prince William and Prince Harry attended the prestigious boarding school in the past.

Eton’s tuition is around £46,000 ($59,000) a year. Though Prince George won’t join the school – or any other – until he turns 13, children have to be registered for the school when they turn 10, according to the school’s website.

So what would it mean if George would attend Eton? According to The Express’ royal correspondent, Richard Palmer, it surprisingly says a lot about Kate.

“I find it fascinating because the Princess of Wales is spending so much of her life talking about giving children a better start in life, and part of that, she and her advisors have talked about reducing inequality,” he said.

“And there you have her children at a fee-paying independent school, almost certain to go to an expensive fee-paying boarding school later on.”

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