My Boyfriend ‘Forgets’ His Credit Card Every Time We Go Out To Eat, So I Have To Pay For Everyone

In a relationship conundrum that has caused intense conversations on the social media platform Reddit, a lady who is 32 years old sought guidance after encountering a recurrent problem while dining out with her boyfriend, who is 39 years old, and his two young children.

It had been nine months since the couple had been together, and they had been having a lot of fun going out together, especially with the boyfriend’s children, who enjoyed going out to restaurants once a week. On the other hand, a constant pattern arose, which caused the woman to question the conduct of her partner.

Every time they went out to dine, the guy “forgot” his credit card, which meant that the woman was responsible for paying the tab. In the beginning, she was able to tolerate the situation; nevertheless, she later disclosed that the financial strain became overpowering when she discovered that she had to pay for many dinners in the preceding month on her own.

It was during a night out with the boyfriend’s children that the woman reached her breaking point. She was armed with a text message to her boyfriend reminding him to bring his money, and she was confronted with a predicament that she had experienced before. As the boyfriend arrived at the restaurant, he realised that he had once again forgotten his wallet, which prompted the woman to come to the conclusion that she had come to terms with the situation.

The woman, who was feeling frustrated and having the impression that she was being taken advantage of, made the decision to leave the restaurant without taking part in the dinner. This decision led to a fight with her boyfriend, who accused her of being selfish. Due to the fact that he had to cancel his children’s food order, he alleged that her actions caused his children to go hungry.

The woman went to Reddit in search of guidance, where she presented her side of the event and disclosed that her boyfriend was still furious about her decision to leave the dinner. When asked for their thoughts, members of the online community provided a variety of responses, with many of them suggesting that the boyfriend might be taking advantage of her financially.

What was the most important question that was posed to the audience was whether or not the woman’s decision to leave her boyfriend and his children was appropriate, or whether or not she ought to have paid for them and dealt with the matter at a later time. Since that time, the incident has become a topic of discussion, sparking discussions on the roles of boundaries in relationships and the responsibilities that come with financial matters.

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