My Mother-in-Law Demands over $200 from Me for Cleaning My Home — But I Never Asked Her to Do It

In the autumn of 2023, an anonymous woman took to the “AITA” subreddit to share a perplexing situation that unfolded after the birth of her beautiful son a week earlier. She and her husband had experienced complications during childbirth, keeping her hospitalized until October 8, and upon returning home with their newborn, they encountered a surprising turn of events.

Amid the excitement and chaos of her waters breaking, she had left their home in a hurry for the hospital, leaving behind a bedroom carpet with hastily placed towels. During their hospital stay, her mother-in-law, aged 59, kindly offered to care for their dogs, a gesture they genuinely appreciated. However, upon returning home, the woman discovered a note and receipt on their fridge that left her utterly baffled.

The note detailed the cleaning expenses, which included a day’s labor at $25 per hour and $200 worth of cleaning products. It was an unexpected demand for reimbursement for the unsolicited cleaning of not just the bedroom carpet but the entire house. The woman felt shocked by this unexpected request, emphasizing that they had never asked her mother-in-law to take on this task.

In response to this surprising turn of events, the woman’s husband took it upon himself to address the situation with his mother. In a text message, he expressed their gratitude for her assistance during their hospital stay. However, he couldn’t help but express their concerns about her actions, particularly her unauthorized cleaning of the entire house. They were also puzzled about the significant expense incurred, including the purchase of cleaning products, and they sought clarification on where these products were.

The husband’s message conveyed their genuine surprise and disappointment, as they had entrusted her with looking after the dogs, believing it was a kind gesture on her part. They were hurt to discover that she had viewed this opportunity as a way to make money and was charging them for her time and expenses, given their family relationship.

In response to her son’s message, the mother-in-law swiftly replied, defending her actions as being motivated by kindness and expressing disbelief at their perceived ingratitude. She claimed that other extended family members praised her efforts and viewed them as a gesture of love, emphasizing her advanced age and the assistance she had provided.

Overwhelmed by the flurry of messages and criticism from extended family members, the original poster decided to turn off her phone, seeking respite from the situation. Meanwhile, her husband continued to face backlash from their family, accused of manipulating the situation and unfairly portraying the mother-in-law as the antagonist, despite her intention to prepare the house for the arrival of the baby.

Amidst the turmoil, the mother-in-law sent another text to the couple, expressing a willingness to gift them the cleaning products, effectively removing that expense from their bill. However, she continued to insist on being paid for her time, citing the cleaning process as dealing with “a biohazard.”

Mother Arguing With Teenage Son At Home

The woman found herself in a difficult position, torn between her husband’s desire for peace and her reluctance to concede. She grappled with the dilemma of family harmony versus her principles, particularly regarding the notion of compensating her mother-in-law for her unrequested actions.

The story reflects the complexities of family dynamics, expectations, and differing perspectives, leaving readers to ponder the ethical and practical considerations surrounding such situations.

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