Rescue of an ‘injured’ Mother Cat and her Kittens and all Survive!

This is what heroes do to save animals – a sweet story!

They were all ok and mom got better. Po.0r mamma looks too young to be a mother.
So happy mother cat survived and was reunited with her babies 

Apparently the mother cat was [h.I.t bY] a car] or clearly [], and couldn’t care for her newborn kittens until she was rescued and tre.ated.

“Cat Angels United” says: Together, let’s create a world where every cat’s life is valued and cherished.
Thank you to the person who rescued the mama cat & her four babies. Thank you to everyone at the shelter for helping all of them.

God bless the people who helped them and brought them back to good health!!!

Hope she finds a loving, safe home. 

Watch the video bellow:

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