The neighbors made fun of him because of his fence, but he eventually showed his true genius.

All the neighbors were laughing because of his fence – the man proved to be a genius shortly after

Floods are a real burden for some people living in some areas prone to this problem. Some factors that lead to floods are rains, broken dams, lack of vegetation, overflowing rivers, and melting snow and ice. Texas is an area affected by floods, many events have been reported that have affected people over time.

Overall, floods lead to endangered lives, much damage, rescue, and evacuation expeditions. A man from Texas had an idea that at first was a joke for his neighbors, but after a while, he laughed more. Make sure you watch the pictures attached as well.

Seeing the frequent news about the floods, Randy Wagner was frightened by meteorologists reports of the floods that were being announced. He began to think of plans in case of an emergency to protect his family and household. After much research on this subject, he weighed the valid options and made a decision. After all. the nearly $ 9,000 investment would save him a lot of costs. Randy discovered a system that consisted of a plastic barrier built around the house that had the role of stopping water from entering the household.

He bought all the necessary materials and surrounded his house with almost 125 meters of plastic that protected him from the flood that finally reached his area. Randy did some calculations to see how much the eventual repairs would have cost if he didn’t build the barrier around the house. Wanna know the total? No less than $ 150,000.

Floods have always been a cause for concern and have caused a great deal of damage to people. That is why it is good to be cautious and think long term if we get information regarding the possibility of such unfortunate events to take place. Randy didn’t listen to the bad voices and his plan paid off.

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