Their marriage broke a world-record, but their secret is simple: Everyone needs to know this

Zelmyra and Herbert Fisher, the remarkable couple who achieved an astonishing 84-year marriage, imparted invaluable insights on what sustains a lifelong, joyful union. Their enduring love story spanned pivotal historical events, from the Great Depression to the Civil Rights Movement, showcasing the resilience of their bond.

Friendship was the foundation of their romance; they were best friends before becoming life partners. They firmly rejected divorce as an option and instead prioritized each other and their family. Their “secret” was the simple act of doing whatever was necessary to support one another.

Their unwavering faith, both in each other and in God, was a core pillar of their relationship. They emphasized that marriage is not a competition; it’s a partnership where both are on the same team. Disagreements were acknowledged but resolved through understanding and flexibility.

In essence, Zelmyra and Herbert’s remarkable journey teaches us that lasting love thrives on friendship, commitment, faith, and the cooperative spirit of being a united team.

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