This Shelter Dog Has An Unusual Smile And He’s Gorgeous

She is a serene and kind young lady because she is an old dog.”

When Zipper, an 8-year-old canine surviving on the streets, was discovered, the shelter’s staff understood they were dealing with something special. She is a normal tiny dog—kind and extroverted, with a deformed jaw that gives her the weirdest smile—and she is gregarious and sociable.

Zipper’s trademark smile has virtually no impact on her, according to the Huntsville Animal Services staff. She eats regularly, likes rewards, and doesn’t seem to be aware of how different she looks from other dogs.

Volunteer for Huntsville Animal Services Erin Webb stated the following, according to The Dodo:

“Why certain individuals have deformed jaws is unknown. What started it is unknown to us. She has a huge gap between her teeth and an overbite.

Zipper most likely spent her entire life as an outside dog without the required care considering the state she was in when she came at the shelter. She appears to have given birth more than once and loses her hair as a result of an allergy to fleas.

Though she may have been left behind because she was no longer required, her new shelter family recognizes how priceless she is and will work with her to find a permanent home.

Even though Zipper may not seem exactly like other dogs, her distinctive smile will make you want to meet her.

She is a woman who is calm and kind since she is an elderly dog. She seemed to like experimenting. She had delightful interactions with the other dogs, and she gets along well with Mr. Mike, our other seasoned dog.

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