Earlier in 2023, Valerie Bertinelli opened up about her mental health and a “hidden bruise”. She shared a very candid story about being mocked about her appearance.

Well, unfortunately, there’s more sad news related to Ms. Bertinelli.

Recently, Valerie posted a video on Instagram in which she shared some good news for fans as well as some bad news. Both bits of news have to do with her cooking show on Food Network, “Valerie’s Home Cooking”.

Bertinelli decided to share the good news first. She explained that the 14th season of her show is airing soon and there will be multiple new episodes for her fans to enjoy.

Then, Bertinelli shared “the bad news.” The 14th season of her show is the last and final season of her cooking show. She made a sad face after announcing that sad news.

The decision to end the show was not Bertinelli’s. Food Network was the one who decided to cancel the show. She shared that she found out in the summer of 2022 that Food Network was canceling her show, but she didn’t tell her fans because “honestly I was hoping they’d change their minds, but they have not.”

Then, Bertinelli shared with her fans just how much this show has meant to her. She explained, “I have loved making this show. It was such a dream come true. Every single part of it brought me so much joy.”

Multiple fans turned to the comments to share their sadness about “Valerie’s Home Cooking” coming to an end. One fan wrote, “Ohhhhh noooooooo. I love love your show, but more because of your transparency and the love you give through television. I hope and pray that you will be in another show where you can continue your journey and to share with us all.”

Another fan wrote, “There’s a couple other shows I would love to have them cancel, but not yours! I always enjoyed your show a lot!”

Another comment reads, “Some other network should pick it up. And I think you would be great at having your own talk show.”

Does it surprise you that Food Network is canceling “Valerie’s Home Cooking”? Why do you think Food Network decided to cancel this show? Do you think Bertinelli will end up getting a different show on another network?

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