Woman who Made Hundreds of homemade Beds for Street Cats and received Warm Welcome!

You are such a wonderful woman!

So glad to see cats snuggled up in shelters instead of wandering the cold sidewalks.
Thank you for your kindness and compassion to these precious Angels

Her heart [bro.ke] when she saw the wild cats sleeping on the freezing pavement every night!
That is why this kind woman was determined to help these [p0.or] creatures, [in.n0c.ent] feral cats who have to [end.ure a hA.R.sh] life on the streets, particularly when it rains or sto.rms. It’s a living [nig.htma.re] for them!

Any stray cat desires a warm home, but in reality, life is miserable!
However, due to a large number of feral cats, it is difficult to find a satisfactory method for the kittens to have a temporary shelter. After some searching, she and her kind friends have found a solution!

Yesim Yucel explains how he makes each cat bed, using silicone to bond each water bottle to a sturdy board to have a simple shelter for the kittens. In addition, he spread blankets to keep the kittens warm!
However, these recycling beds are quite small and only fit the cats; they are also considering making larger nests for the pups!

Hopefully, more people will make special beds like this in their neighborhood to provide shelter for feral cats at night!

Thank you, sweet lady, for your compassion and kindness to these precious angels!

God bless this precious woman who puts the needs of these babies first.

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