You Should Place a Coin in the Freezer Before Leaving the House

You shouldn’t miss this piece if you want to go on vacation while leaving food in the freezer. We will share a quick tip with you today that will enable you to determine whether the food you’ve stored in the freezer is safe to eat.

Sometimes the power goes off while we are gone from home, and we are unaware of it. However, this might lead to the defrosting and degradation of frozen food.

One woman discovered a brilliant way for us to verify if our refrigerators are still operating at peak efficiency with only a single mug of water and a penny! If you tried this experiment, you’d never have to worry about having expired produce in your refrigerator again.

Sheila Pulanco Russell came up with the concept and used plain tap water to show it. If the penny freezes, your refrigerator can keep your food well-chilled and frozen. It is a really simple experiment. Try this at home now if it doesn’t tell you you’d need to buy a new refrigerator to stop food from spoiling.

Sheila provides instructions in a Facebook post that garnered tens of thousands of replies and shares immediately. She says:

“I just heard a terrific tip for all of you fleeing the coast. It is known as the “one-cup tip.” Your freezer contains a cup of water. Place a quarter on top after it has been completely frozen, and keep it in your freezer. This will enable you to determine whether your food just went bad and then refroze while you were away or whether it remained frozen when you returned after being evacuated.

The food should be thrown out if the quarter has reached the bottom of the cup, which indicates that it has entirely defrosted. However, your food can still be fine if the quarter is either at the top or in the center of the cup. Keeping this in your freezer always would also be a terrific idea, giving you a backup plan for a power outage.

Simply discard your food if you don’t feel good about it. The most important thing is everyone’s safety. Would you kindly SHARE this on your page?

Anyhow, if you’re unsure whether food is secure, discard it. Your health is now and always will be the most significant factor in life.

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