16-Year-Old Dog Laid It On The Line For The Ones He Loved Most In Life

 ‘At sixteen, most dogs die by the fireplace, slowly and painfully of old age. Mason bolted from this world, sparing my life and the lives of the three younger dogs.’

Pets are Man’s Stylish Friend, and that is all the proof you need. This is the incredible tribute of Steven Mason, a 16-year-old Husky/Lab/Rottweiler mix that put his life on the line and gave it everything for his loved ones. This is a story you will never forget. 

 “This is Steve Mason, the most incredible dog I’ve ever met and my stylish companion for the past 16 years.” And here is the account of how he once again failed to save my life. 

 ” Steve Mason, ” Mason” to his buddies, was a Husky, Lab, Rottweiler mongrel with extraordinarily ethereal cognition and facial markings that made him appear to be perpetually wearing Harry Potter specs. I chose him from a litter of pups because, while the others yipped, shrieked, and played, he was the only one who stopped to sniff the flowers. 

 ” He and I had enough adventures to put the Fellowship to shame, and we climbed more mountains than I can recall. He had this way of perking up his awareness that could nudge me to keep going, either to the top of a crest line or out of whatever stupid stress I was confused in. 

 “He was obsessed with shortening sticks and tearing up any cardboard he could get his hands on.” He was incredibly meticulous, yet multiple vacuum cleaners failed to clean up his mistakes. 

 ” Mason was a fantastic buddy and a jewel of a constant companion for my elderly family, as well as a traveling companion like no other. And every time he saw my family, even after five years, he’d attempt to leap in his arms like a puppy. 

 “Everyone who met him said he was a fantastic dog, and many said he was the nicest human they’d ever encountered. 

 “He began to show his age over the course of two years.” His hail and essential of his sight had deserted him, as had his feeling of balance. 

 ” I kept expecting him to pass out in his sleep or collapse while hiking. 

 ” My greatest concern was that he’d get so old and frail that we’d have to put him down. I didn’t think I’d be able to go through what I’d had to go through with so many previous pets with him. He was far too unique. He simply sounded aged. 

 ” But he simply kept going, unwilling to slow down. He went slowly and couldn’t go as far, but he didn’t seem to bother. 

 ” During my leisure, I made an effort to have as many experiences with him as possible, knowing that our days together may be short. On March 5th, he and I set out with my family’s three youngish dogs for a little trek around our property before I had to go to work. 

 ” We were about a quarter mile from home on our snowshoe track when I observed a stranger following us. I respected it as a wolf to the core. I hadn’t seen a wolf in my valley in perhaps fifteen years, but wolves are normally shy and hide from humans, particularly one with four dogs. To be considerate, I turned us towards home, allowing the wolf to flee and assuming nothing more about it. 

 ” After a few twinkles, the bottom canine gave a dinghy, and I turned to see the wolf standing five bases behind us.” She was massive, her shoulder almost touching my hipsterism. She was frightened yet resolute, and most importantly, she appeared empty. We were in serious peril. She attacked, and we spent the next twenty twinkles fighting her off. While the dogs nibbled and fought to escape her teeth, I was beating her with my ski poles. She was frail, but she fought well. 

 ” Mason and I ended ourselves fighting next to each other. The wolf continued staring at me, but it was obvious she was chasing the dogs. Mason dove at her when she predicted the lowest canine. My fragile old father was enormous, bigger than I’d ever seen him before. He knocked her off the pup, but she grabbed Mason’s throat. It was over in an instant. I’ve never yelled that loudly before. Every fiber of my being told me to murder her, to impale her in the eye, to pull her neck out if possible. But it would have gotten me murdered as well, and I had three other dogs to get out of there. It was already too late. He was no longer alive, and she was devouring him. 

 ” I am the wolf. This photo was taken the next morning by some guards and the nearby border post when she roamed through history. Though I wanted to murder her at the time, she is one of the most beautiful effects I’ve ever seen. And now that it’s over, I have no ill will toward her. She was dying of starvation and did everything she had to do to survive. I assume she went into the battle thinking she may be the one who died, and it was only chance that she got him first. I can only hope she survives this valley. 

 “I miss Mason like a hole in my casket.” Though I know there was nothing I could have done differently, I can’t get away from the fact that I failed to save him. However, the greatest dogs at sixteen bye the house, sluggishly and sorrowfully of old age. Mason bolted from this world, sparing my life and the lives of the three youngish dogs. He was my puppy, my “Grizzly”, my family, and my buddy, and he failed as long as he lived. My hero. I adore you, pal. Goodbye.” 

 Still, if we could ask Mason, I’m sure it’s how he would have wanted to go; as an idol preserving what he loved most in the world. What a wonderful tale. 

 Mason, may you rest in peace. You will never be forgotten. 

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