A Woman Transforms a Boeing 747 into a Dream Home

Jo Ann Ussery’s unique housing choice predated the trend of using unconventional materials for homes. In 1993, her Mississippi home was destroyed, leaving her and her two kids in need. Initially considering a trailer due to financial constraints, her in-law Bob, an air traffic controller, suggested a different path – living in a plane.

Intrigued, Ussery purchased a disassembled Boeing 727 for just $2,000, naming it “Little Trump” after Donald Trump’s private Boeing 727.

With determination and a budget of less than $30,000, she embarked on an ambitious project. Stability was crucial, so she strategically placed the plane on her property, ensuring abundant natural light through its 76 windows.

Inside, Ussery made significant modifications, focusing on insulation, new flooring, and repurposing the bathroom and overhead bins for space-saving. The plane now had three bedrooms, a cozy living room, a functional kitchen, and even a laundry facility. The cockpit became a master bathroom with a soaking tub.

Remarkably, Ussery accomplished this transformation single-handedly. From 1995 to 1999, she and her children enjoyed their unique abode.

Later, Ussery converted the plane into a public museum, but during a move, a mishap caused it to disintegrate.

Though the Boeing 727 no longer soars, its legacy captivates. Jo Ann Ussery’s story demonstrates that with vision, creativity, and determination, one can create an extraordinary home, proving dreams can become reality.

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