Abused Dog Who Spent Her Life Chained Was Adopted By A Family: “She Grew Up Shy And Depressed”

 This dog, Wolfie, has left her sad history behind and is now happy to be with a family.

As much work goes into caring for a dog as a child. Since pets are living creatures that suffer from neglect just like people do, it is best for individuals who are unable to properly assume this responsibility to avoid unfortunate situations like Lady’s.

This small dog has lived a life of abuse and neglect at the hands of her previous owner. The dog was chained up outside the home on the patio. Because of the muck and flooding when it rained, the location was not ideal.

This circumstance didn’t appear to matter much to his caregiver, though, as he did nothing to improve Lady’s living conditions. Animal rights activists from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) attempted to save her pet, but the owner refused.

She was kept in a muddy spot that flooded when it rained and was utterly abandoned.”

She has been visited by PETA field staff for years in an effort to convince her owner to give her up “In a YouTube video, PETA stated.

“Lady became more withdrawn and sad over time. She occasionally stayed home entirely, she continued. But they were able to free Lady from her after a lot of effort to connect with her and persuade her owner. She said that her perseverance paid off and her owner consented to let PETA adopt her, “her entire world changed.”

The dog abandoned her former life and even her former name after going through a healing process. She was given the name Wolfie von Fluffer Bottom by a family who welcomed her into their home. She obviously loves it because she runs joyfully anytime she sees one of her new owners.

Because of the work of these campaigners and the kind family who took her in, her entire life was improved. The video that follows, which is a genuine PETA publication with English text, shows Lady’s transformation into Wolfie and how her situation became better.

Like Wolfie, all abandoned dogs deserve a second chance.

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