After being rescued, a donkey smiles from ear to ear.

Donkey Smiles From Ear To Ear After Being Rescued

As human beings animals also are able to express their emotions in such a sweet way. Here is a story about a cute donkey.

A donkey was struggling to survive under the floodwaters that took him. The donkey was trying to get out of the flood.

Both people and animals are in danger at the flood time. The rescuers think to save people rather than animals. Rescuers do their best to rescue both animals and human beings as in this case.

The donkey was rather lucky to be saved. Thanks to the owner of the donkey and the rescue organization the donkey is alive.

The rescuer was a woman who was very courageous. She risked her life to rescue the donkey. The donkey expressed his gratitude by his face expression.

The donkey smiled and this was a reward for all of those people who participated in the process of rescue. The donkey showed that he is delighted to be saved and have a second chance to live positive and happy.

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