Everyone ignores the Street Performer until 4 Supportive Kittens show up to cheer Him on!

This Is Absolutely A Great Picture. This is truly special!

Just when he thought no one cared, 4 adorable fans pranced over and listened!

So precious…! Hope the precious kittens went to loving home

Musicians are no strangers to rejection when it comes to performing, but that doesn’t make the experience less discouraging.
That was certainly the case for this Malaysian. People on the street walked passed the musician and ignored his performance.

When he thought no one cared to watch or listen, he was surprised by a very unlikely group of fans!
Four kittens pranced up to the musician’s feet and watched him play. The cutest audience appeared just in time to cheer him on…!

The kittens gazing up at the musician with love and admiration as he serenades them, they are captivated by the performance, showing him their complete and undivided attention.

After the song ended, the musician smiles at the kittens and thanks his newest fans for their love and support.

He must be playing cat Stevens songs bless beautiful

Cats like music…! The kittens have more attention to music than we do. This is adorable!

Adorable best audience they love you and to listen to you play that is just so beautiful thank you entertaining them and keep them away from the street.

Just look at those darling little kitties. Couldn’t have a sweeter audience to play to.

Bless God bless all them…! 

Watch the heartwarming moment in video below: 

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