He Was Sad, Scared After Long Days of Unhappiness

 Isumu, a dog, has never experienced love. He had been left on the side of the road, close to a shelter, to fend for himself.

He was in great pain with every step, his nails were too long. The chains that had formerly kept him in place had left him with a thick, bloody bandage around his neck. He had rabies sores all over his body and an odd scent of decaying meat.

Despite all of his suffering, Isumu still had some life in his eyes and the ability to experience fear, humility, and optimism. He prayed to God to take action and put an end to his agony.

He was found by a volunteer working at the shelter. He took Isumu to the shelter, where he received medical care and a comfortable bed. Isumu receives a bath and is cleaned up. He was fed and watered, and for the first time in a very long time, he was shown love and care.

Isumu began to feel better on day 10. His wounds began to mend, and he began to develop new fur. His eyes started to glitter with happiness, and his body odor vanished.

Day 80: A devoted family hoping to adopt a dog was finally accepted by the shelter. The instant they set eyes on Isumu, they fell in love.

They knew he was the appropriate dog for them because they could sense the grit and tenacity that lay beneath his harsh demeanor. Isumu’s family welcomed him into his new home and lavished him with love.

He didn’t have to suffer in silence any longer, nor did he have to wait for help. He had a lovely family and his own house at last.

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