Heartbreaking: Scared and completely shut down puppy being returned to shelter by foster home

At the BARC Animal Shelter in Houston, Texas, there is less and less chance of restoring an 11-month-old puppy’s faith in people. Two weeks ago, Scarlett’s foster parents saved the puppy’s life, but they have since acknowledged that they lack the skills required to handle a dog this fearful and shut down.

Scarlet arrived at the shelter on May 10, 2023, as a stray. She weighed 45 pounds and was classified as a Labrador retriever mix. She first retreated to a shelter corner, refused rewards, and shuddered and trembled whenever someone approached her.

The dog was scheduled for execution on May 15, but a BARC foster intervened just in time to spare her.

And she’s returned. It’s not Scarlet’s fault; she didn’t realize that everyone may be kind right now. We require an experienced foster caregiver who can care for animals like Scarlett.

Please inform her situation to your social media connections, family, close friends, and respected rescue agencies. By sharing, lives can be saved.

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