In the arms of Santa Claus, a cancer-stricken child passes away.

A 60-year-old guy who visits hospitalized children as Santa Claus had a really sad experience.
The story of Eric Schmitt-Matzen, a 60-year-old man who is the spitting image of Santa Claus in hospitals and who tragically watched a child as young as 5 years old die in his arms, is circulating on social media.

As was customary, a nurse called him quickly to see the small boy, and Eric didn’t waste any time in putting a grin on his face.

“My phone began to ring… On the other end of the telephone was a nurse I know who works in a hospital and told me about a 5-year-old boy who was very ill and whose greatest ambition was to meet Santa Claus “Eric Schmitt-Matzen remarked.

Schmitt-Matzen told the nurse after the call that he would come as soon as he put on Santa’s suit, but the nurse said it wasn’t necessary: “Simply put on your spectacles and suspenders and come straight immediately… There isn’t any more time, “explained the nurse.”

“I sat on the edge of his bed and told him, ‘Did I hear you’re going to miss Christmas?’ The little guy was very weak, he looked like he was ready to sleep forever, he saw me and smiled, he saw me and smiled, he saw me and smiled, he saw me and smiled, he saw me and smiled, he saw me and smiled, he saw me and smiled, he saw me and smiled, There’s no way you’ll be able to miss Christmas! …you know what, you’re my favorite elf,’ I added, and the boy lighted up and asked, ‘Really?’ “Eric remarked.

“Then I handed him the gift, which was a PAW Patrol TV series toy, which he opened with a lot of effort and a big smile on his small face, then he got up to give me a big embrace.”

“If they tell me I’m about to die, how will I know where I’m going?” “When you get there, you tell them you’re Santa’s number one elf and you’re going in right now,” Santa said.

The infant died in the embrace and exchange of words, and the parents were outside the room watching the event, when the child’s mother came in shouting, “No, no, my God, not yet!”

“I quickly handed her her son over and went. It had such an impact on me that I considered whether I might play Santa Claus again “Eric had completed his task.

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