Mama Gorilla Shows Her Love By Kissing Her Baby’s Forehead – Melts 3M Hearts!

The moment where she gives the baby forehead kisses is too adorable

Sometimes animals also act very “human”, such as placing a gentle kiss on their child’s forehead!
A Mother’s love. Animals love their babies and protect them with their lives.

At the Calgary Zoo, when crowded with visitors, a mother gorilla hugged her young and kissed it on the forehead before tossing it up into the air.
It appeared to be showing off its child to the crowd, and some lucky visitors were able to witness this moment of glory.

The visitors were awestruck by the mother gorilla’s act; they were ta.ken aback but remained captivated by the mother gorilla’s love and devotion to her beautiful baby.

We do not believe that wild animals should be kept in captivity, though it is permissible in some cases, such as to protect end.ang.ered species.

One user suggested that animals be released into the wild. Another person believes that zoos provide a safer environment for wild and end.ang.ered animals. Po.ach.ers will ha.rm them if they are a.ban.doned. Zoos have breeding programs and are dedicated to research and conservation to pre.vent species ex.tin.ction.

Another proof of animal feelings

They are sometimes better protected in exchange for their freedom to survive. We hope that their population will recover and that they will be able to be released back into the wild one day.

Should we keep end.ang.ered wild animals in cap.tiv.ity or release them back into the wild, in your opinion?
In any case, the gorilla’s sacred motherhood moment is truly amazing, reminiscent of a scene from the film Simba!

It is hoped that with such maternal love, the baby gorilla will grow up to be a strong and healthy creature capable of continuing to save their fellow humans!

There is so much more to the animal kingdom than we acknowledge.
Dont know why people think animals dont have hearts and souls. They love so unconditionally.

Watch the heartwarming moment in video below:

Let’s enjoy this lovely moment. Mother’s love is totally amazing!

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