Man Finds Out His Late Wife Had Been Cheating on Him for over 30 Years, So Kids Take DNA Tests.

A grieving man revealed a shocking revelation on Reddit after his wife’s death—he discovered she had been cheating on him for over three decades. Waiting two weeks for the cremation, he sorted her belongings with his son, uncovering love letters and text messages from an unknown man. The affair started a year into their marriage, and the other man suspected one of their four children was his.

Devastated, the husband plotted revenge. He sent his wife’s body 300 miles away, burying her in England instead of honoring her wish to be next to her parents. DNA tests shocked him, revealing none of the sons were biologically his, and they had different fathers. Seeking revenge, he exposed the affair to the villagers, confronting those involved, sharing DNA results, and revealing hidden parentage. Other Redditors found the revenge saga intriguing, commending the OP’s calculated execution.

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