My In-Laws Treat Me like a Maid & Made Me Cook for Them While I Was Sick — I Took It up with My Husband

A woman’s life had taken an unexpected turn, leaving her at a turning point in her family life and marriage. She shared a convoluted and frustrating narrative with the Reddit community in an attempt to get help.

Living with her parents-in-law and working remotely, the woman had been living a life very different from many others. She made the decision to live at her husband’s childhood home because they were determined to take care of her elderly father-in-law and take care of domestic tasks without outside assistance.

Her father-in-law needed intensive care due to his illness, which is how the narrative started. After kindly moving into the home, the woman and her spouse offered her in-laws their help and support.

The woman took on a great deal of responsibility in their new home. She managed the domestic duties, such as cooking, cleaning, and food shopping, in addition to looking after her father-in-law. In addition, she was in charge of driving the family’s animals to and from veterinarian visits.

In addition, the wife and her husband split the cost of living together, paying for things like TV packages, power, and groceries. The mortgage-free property was another obligation the woman had. As part of her contribution to the home, she organised and covered half of the expenses for any future additions or upgrades that her parents-in-law intended to bequeath to her and her spouse.

For a while, everything went smoothly, and the woman did her job with diligence. She did, however, start to feel resentful over time. She was supposed to continue taking care of all the domestic responsibilities while her husband and parents-in-law could relax after work. The burden of these duties was making her feel like a live-in maid and was negatively affecting her health.

The woman’s illness brought the situation to a breaking point. She was wide awake when her mother-in-law asked whether dinner was ready, even though she didn’t feel good. While her family was watching a movie, the woman was cooking. After that, she confided in her spouse about how overwhelmed and underappreciated she felt.

Her spouse apologised and said he would do more to support her. But that’s exactly what happened the next day. The woman was left in charge of making dinner while her family unwinded once more. Additionally, with the justification that more cleaning would keep others from becoming ill, her mother-in-law asked for additional cleaning in the common spaces.

Exasperated, the woman claimed that she had only been called out of her room to cook and clean, and that was why she had been in the common areas. Her husband later informed her that she had approached the matter incorrectly and that she should have waited until she was calmer. Her husband had kept mute throughout the chat between his wife and mother.

The woman shared her situation with the internet community on Reddit in an attempt to get advice. Support and guidance were mixed together in the response. She should move out of the house where she felt undervalued, according to a lot of Reddit users. They thought she should have been treated better than an underpaid maid.

But this was not the end of the story, far from it. After her initial post, the woman gave Reddit an update that clarified the events that had happened since then. The woman made a crucial move after her initial Reddit post. She took her money out of the joint account she and her spouse had and transferred her pay into a personal account.

She made her decision carefully, and it was a game-changer for her. She found out she was pregnant just two weeks after her first post. Her relationship with her in-laws underwent major adjustments due to the emotional upheaval that her pregnancy caused.

After the pregnancy was confirmed, the woman’s in-laws started offering unwanted advice regarding the child, including names and the possibility of retiring early to assist with raising the child. She was really furious because she did not want anybody else to raise her child, and she was offended by their assumptions and lack of empathy.

Moreover, her in-laws took over decision-making over the nursery without consulting her. It was intolerable that she felt like an incubator and that her sense of estrangement was just developing.

The wife went shopping for baby stuff, and her mother-in-law would constantly criticise her selections and preferences. This made the situation intolerable. Her mother-in-law’s statement that the family wanted a son was the last straw and caused more anxiety in the circumstances. Her mother-in-law’s intervention ruined the woman’s first baby buy.At the height of her annoyance, she contacted her husband three times to talk about the circumstance. But instead of addressing the problems at hand, he made excuses. When the woman saw she needed to make a change, it changed her life.

She started the divorce process and moved out of the home. She moved closer to her family, where she intended to raise her child among her many cousins, because she was determined.

After following her journey, the Reddit community praised the woman for taking charge of her life and offered them support. Her agonising decision to leave her husband while pregnant was prompted by the toxic atmosphere she had lived in.Readers were left thinking, after reading the narrative, what they would have done if they had been the woman? While expecting a kid, would they have taken the risky decision to file for divorce or would they have tried to work things out? The woman’s brave choice demonstrated the significance of realising one’s value and pursuing pleasure and contentment.

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