My Partner Learned I Rent Out the House My Dad Gifted Me & Demands 50 Percent of the Money

An 18-year-old woman, the owner of a two-story apartment building, allowed her boyfriend to move in without disclosing her landlord status. Renting out the lower floor for $500, she justified the lower rate due to the location. After three months, her boyfriend discovered her ownership when a tenant reported a faulty freezer. Angry and feeling deceived, he demanded 50% of the rent income. The woman refused, leading to a heated argument.

Despite apologizing, the boyfriend continued to criticize her, asserting landlords only care about money. He insisted on a share of the income or an apology, prompting the woman to end the relationship. During the confrontation, he expressed regret for meeting her, threatened exposure, and attempted to damage property. Seeking support from her father, the boyfriend left, vowing never to return. Reddit users largely supported the woman, recommending a lock change regardless of key return.

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