Pregnant stray Dog completely melts when realizes she’s being Adopted!

Faith in humanity restored!

Thank you for your kindness and compassion. This mom desperately needed a loving forever home…!

The dog – heavy pregnant – was wandering the streets in search for some food, when she spotted a couple enjoying their lunch on the side of the road. The st.ray pittie only hoped for some leftovers, but instead she got adopted.

Jacks Anderson and her wife, initially spotted the black pit bull mix when they stopped to buy some food from a stand on the street!
Anderson told: She never took her eyes off of us, but she didn’t come close or beg for food, The owners of the stand came out and shooed her away down the sidewalk. It was obvious she was [sc.ared], and she [di.sappe.ared].

And when the couple were on their way back home, when they realized the dog is pregnant. So they pulled over and offered her something to eat. Anderson’s wife felt so pi.ty for the helpless dog, and she even tried to pet her and to offer food from her hand, hoping she’ll gain her trust this way.

But they both knew, they just cannot leave her there, so they decided to take the dog into their car. The moment she realized she’s safe and she gets comfort from a stranger, the dog got so emotional she even cried for joy.

Thank you for showing her the love and kindness she deserves

The two very nice people, then took the dog to the Even though she had some fleas, her condition was very good. So Anderson and his wife decided to foster Poppy for a few days, until they find someone to adopt her. But these days were enough for them to completely fall in love with Poppy and keep her.

So glad she was found and is now safe before she has her babies.

Please take care of the dog and the coming puppies…

Prayers for this precious mother. Thank you for adopting her and most of all, giving her a second chance.

Bless these people and Dog.

The heartwarming scene was caught by Anderson in video bellow: 

H/t: Thedodo – TikTok/gatorsnuggles

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