The heartwarming moment a baby deer fell in love with his rescuer, and refuses to leave his side!

This is the heartwarming moment a baby deer fell in love with his rescuer

This is adorable , thank you for your kindness & patience with this precious fawn & for reuniting it with mom!!!

The cute fawn was in a fa.ll path, but thankfully, two powerline workers spotted him and saved his life. One of the men even gave him belly rubs, to make him feel more comfortable. But surprisingly, the baby deer enjoyed it so much, he just refused to leave the man’s arms.

Justin Lewis, from Kentucky share: Soon as Justin and his buddy freed the co.nfused fawn, he grabbed him into his arms and gave him a cuddling session, to comfort him and help him to relax.
But as it turns out, the rescued animal loved it so much, he [refu.sed] to leave Justin’s side. The cute little thing stayed close to his rescuers for nearly an hour. Then, he was eventually reunited with his wo.rried mom.

Very Cute,safe in her rescuers arms.

Thanks to them for saving the fawn, and making sure it was reunited with the mom

So happy the mom was found and now has her baby! We just wish hun.ters would let these beautiful animals live!

Watch the heartwarming moment in video below:

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