This is how people in Denmark live!» A house constructed in 1740 is still a dream place to live for tourists worldwide

No one could believe that a house built back in 1740 could be so comfy and luxurious! Once people have a look at it, they started dreaming of living here! See the photos from the inside in this article!

Such absolutely unique structures never escape the attention of no one. They create a special atmosphere making an impression as if they have come from middle-aged films. Often, such unusual buildings become tourists’ most beloved places.

However surprising it may seem, this unique house dates back from the 1740s and, regardless of its oldness and long history, it still stands still and captures millions of people’s special attention. It underwent its latest renovation in 1991.

It is worth mentioning that the interior has perfectly maintained over years. The furniture as well has stayed almost untouched. Currently, the house belongs to one ordinary 78-year-old woman. Let’s have a look at this!

One may say that this house is the perfect combination of the modern and traditional. There is a spacious living-room, dining-room and kitchen. The interior is quite humble, but it looks rather welcoming and atmospheric.

Here, one can also find a bathing room, a garage and a basement like room. This house can be seen from another perspective as well – it both has the elements of the past and represents the modern life.

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