Whoopi Goldberg Loses It on The View After Confronting Elon Musk, Gets Kicked Off Her Own Show

A fiery exchange occurred on “The View” when host Whoopi Goldberg confronted billionaire Elon Musk over his recent controversial statements. Goldberg, known for her directness, challenged Musk’s behavior, saying, “You’ve been saying some wild things lately, Elon, and people are wondering what’s going on.”

Musk, seemingly enjoying the debate, responded, “People need to learn to take a joke. I’m just having some fun, Whoopi.”

Goldberg firmly countered, “It’s not a joke when your platform spreads dangerous misinformation, risking lives.”

As the tension escalated, other hosts attempted to mediate, but Goldberg refused to yield. In frustration, she exclaimed, “I won’t sit here and listen to this nonsense!” and left the set.

Viewers took to social media, divided in their reactions. Some criticized Goldberg for her conduct, deeming it unprofessional, while others praised her for holding Musk accountable.

This incident sparked a national debate about the role of public figures, their responsibility, and the importance of confronting misinformation. Goldberg’s actions served as a reminder of the need to challenge influential individuals and protect the truth.

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