Brother Wants To Adopt Little Sister After Dad Dies, But Wife Refuses, Claims He’s Choosing Sibling Over Marriage

After his father passed away, leaving his younger sister, who was eleven years old, to live with him, a guy in his twenties had a difficult choice. He and his wife had agreed not to have children, and this decision went against that. His wife’s stern rejection to adopt the sister and suggestion that her uncle take care of her instead caused the matter to grow, severely straining their marriage.

Reddit users had varying views to the man’s dilemma post. Although some understood his wife’s wish to keep to their original arrangement, he had the support of those who wanted him to help his sister more during her crisis. The man’s conflicting feelings about his family and his marriage were underlined in the post, which was withdrawn later on because of the negative attention it received.

The man’s decision to take in his sister caused the marriage to end, and the pair eventually decided to part ways. He agreed with his wife that he had prioritized his sister over her when she accused him of doing the same.

This case illustrates how difficult life decisions may be, particularly when faced with unforeseen obstacles that disrupt previously laid plans. This man’s decision, which will destroy his marriage, reveals his profound feeling of duty to his sister.


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